Play Atlantis and Secrets of Atlantis Online Slots

Underwater themed online slots have always fascinated several players irrespective of gender and age. Among the power-packed slots offered by the popular casino destinations, Atlantis Mystery Uncovered and the Secrets of Atlantis have emerged as a favourite among marine enthused online slots lovers.

Difference Between Online Bingo and Keno Explained

Bingo and keno games revolve around the numbers and the original version of both the games involve tickets. Though both the games originated as land-based games they are available in casinos and online bingo sites such as our Sailor Bingo with some extra features. Players must understand about both the games including their differences before playing.

Jackpot Games at Sailor Bingo

Sailor Bingo has become a hotspot for most of the Jackpot games. Players here get to enjoy the latest and most happening games at the portal. Such games offer a pool of money known as jackpot which the players can win with the usual bet that they place. This jackpot money can vary depending on the game. Some Jackpot games offer a fixed jackpot some a progressive jackpot money.

A Whopping £2,000 Cash Drop at Sailor Bingo!

Jump into action and put your game face on because there is a whopping £2000 cash drop at Sailor Bingo on 90 ball bingo rooms. The game starts at 9 pm on 28th February 2018- Wednesday. You can also pre-buy cards starting at only 10p!


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