Play bingo and stay at the pink of your health

21/11/2019 - 10:00

Everybody loves playing the delightful game of Bingo. But did you know, while you were cutting down the number you also earned health benefits? Here is how!

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How online bingo became a woman favourite?

14/11/2019 - 10:00

Bingo is certainly the most bright and colourful of all the games present in an online casino if you go by its design. Maybe this is the reason why women love online Bingo by their heart. Reports show that the UK alone saw a tremendous rise in the number of women players on online casinos ever since Bingo was brought to the internet-based gambling spot. Apart from the fun to play the game and shout ‘Bingo’ out of joy, there are other reasons that explain how online Bingo became a woman favourite which the women from all around the world could not resist getting into. What is it that has kept women stick to their mobile devices, making them come back to the game again and again?

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How to throw an entertaining Bingo Party

07/11/2019 - 12:00

Bingo is always hailed as the classic casino games of all time. Hosting a Bingo party can draw many people together to unwind and even win a little money. This all-time favourite past time can become a great source of entertainment week after week for all of your friends and family. If you are looking for an activity that you can relish, there is nothing like an exciting Bingo game to unleash all the fun. Hosting a Bingo party night could be wild and crazy that will get your friends nostalgic for a long time.

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How online slot machines are built?

21/10/2019 - 12:00

Whether it is with conventional casinos or online ones, slots are very popular and hence is a lucrative game for the casinos. And the inherent popularity might be one of the reasons why developers, as well as casinos, are interested in creating and providing players with new online slots games very frequently. Online slots these days are much more engaging than the traditional versions; they come with interesting themes and attractive, colourful interface.

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Ever Wondered Who the People in Bingo Chat Room are?

14/10/2019 - 12:00

The basic idea behind the concept of online casino games is to provide people with more convenience and accessibility to casino games while retaining the features and the excitement of a conventional casino. And it is the same with online Bingo too! Conventionally bingo is a community game where people from an area came together to enjoy the game as well as the company of the people playing it.

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Best Way to Find Loose Slot Machines to Hit a Jackpot

07/10/2019 - 10:00

There is a reason why slots have always been a mass favourite. Basically, it is one of the few games anybody can play. Unlike Poker or even a game of chance like Roulette, you don’t need to know anything to play a game of slots. All you have to do is just know where to put the coin in and how to pull the lever. And if you are playing online, you don’t have to know that too. Slot games online are a lot easier, much more convenient and quite exciting too these days.

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The Art of Tipping at a Casino

03/10/2019 - 10:00

All through the United States and in many parts of the world, the concept of tipping is very popular even today and much of the service industry totally relies on it. The conventional casino industry is one such place where the employees earn more through their tips compared to their income. Depending on how deep your pockets are you can tip everybody from your ride to the doorman to the elevator boy and especially the servers when it comes to a casino setting. Tipping your way through ensures that your stay is comfortable and you have access to many of the well-known and little-known exciting things at a casino. So whether you are there to spend some time at the Online Slot machine or to enjoy the whole casino experience tipping well might open doors for you.

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How Technology makes Bingo better

30/09/2019 - 10:00

Bingo has been a favourite pastime for people from all corners of the globe for numerous centuries now. Whether it is in small gathering or bingo halls, people have been enjoying the not-so-predictable and exciting nature of this game in the past. And now people have a more convenient option in the form of online casinos that provide online and live casino games. You can now entertain yourself with your favourite game from the convenience of your home, on-the-go or from any place and at any time you prefer.

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History and Future of Slot Industry

27/09/2019 - 18:05

If there is one thing slots industry is known for, it is for its versatility. Previously, its versatility was in the sense that it appealed to everybody; men, women and children from all socio-economic backgrounds and with different interests loved slots. The universal popularity of slots is apparent in it being omnipresent all around the globe. Currently, the slot industry is showing its versatility by upgrading itself to suit the needs of the modern generation. Online slots are one of the most popular games played by millions of people online. As a tribute to the versatility of the slots industry, here is the history and the future of slot games.

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Significance of the Rise of Online Bingo from Eye to Top of the Shop

24/09/2019 - 20:45

It might seem incredulous to us, but stats do not lie! Bingo today enjoys popularity and participation numbers on par with tennis. So, why and how did this happen? How did bingo get out of the bingo halls and onto the digital platform? What is the significance of this change for traditional bingo? If you are interested in the answers to all these questions, here is the significance of the rise of online bingo from the eye to the top of the shop.

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