The Advent of Technology on Scratch Card

Scratch cards have come a long way since its days of inception. The internet boom resulted in more and more internet connections in homes as well as offices which increased the potential for online casino games to make their way to the personal space of consumers. Just some decades ago, if you have asked a person to play a scratch card from your mobile device, he or she wouldn't have believed it. Right?

Less social factor

The scratch cards were initially introduced when the internet was still in its infancy. They were used mainly for social events like charities and state lotteries and served as a great way to bring the community together. Fast forward to 2019 and you will find people playing scratch card games online from the comfort of their homes. Although the advent of technology has managed to make life easier for the players, it has managed to strip away the social factor from the game. You will still find massive Scratch card competitions being held outdoors but the numbers are dwindling with time.

Increase in Online scratch card games

The onset of the digital revolution did not go unnoticed by the scratch card industry. The shakers and movers of the industry realized that sophisticated audio and graphical interfaces will be a massive success with gamblers from all over the world, mainly due to the constantly changing product with various themes but with the same game rules. Every time a player plays an online scratch card game, it won't look monotonous for him or her. This resulted in a massive boom in online scratch card games and the trend is still growing fast.

The main incentive that led to the rise in online scratch card games was the development of personal computers in terms of accessibility and size. Within a few years after the introduction of PCs, every household was sporting one creating the opportunity for a new breed of online services. Initially, the internet connection in our homes consisted of a basic phone line connection. With time as the internet speed rose, the lags associated with the online scratch games diminished allowing players to have seamless gaming experience. With a faster internet connection and sophisticated game designs, people started opting for online scratch card games more over their traditional variants.

Less prone to manipulation and cheating

Originally, the scratch cards were covered with an environmentally unsafe solvent based coating. Jerome Greenfield (an adhesive specialist) invented a safe water-based coating still used in scratchers in late 1980s that is still used today. As technology improved, manufacturers moved towards scratch labels, hot stamp foil or 'sandwich' label which were easy to produce without needing specialized equipment. The labels are significantly separate to the body of the card and adhesion was applied in between, which made them very easy to manipulate. The internet connectivity boom has led to the creation of more online scratch card games with built-in RNGs that are hard to cheat. Technological innovation has reduced the rate of fraudulent activities associated with scratch cards.