The Art of Tipping at a Casino

The Art of Tipping at a Casino

All through the United States and in many parts of the world, the concept of tipping is very popular even today and much of the service industry totally relies on it. The conventional casino industry is one such place where the employees earn more through their tips compared to their income. Depending on how deep your pockets are you can tip everybody from your ride to the doorman to the elevator boy and especially the servers when it comes to a casino setting. Tipping your way through ensures that your stay is comfortable and you have access to many of the well-known and little-known exciting things at a casino. So whether you are there to spend some time at the Online Slot machine or to enjoy the whole casino experience tipping well might open doors for you.

Where do we stop?

When it comes to casinos, whether it is playing Online Slot games or whether it is tipping, one of the toughest questions is where to stop. We might be clear of who to tip but the nagging question is who not to tip and where to stop. Well, the dealers and the croupiers look so professional and put together that you might have doubts whether or not to tip them. So, does the courtesy of tipping extend to the people assisting you at casino games? If so, how much do you tip? To answer all your tipping concerns here is our guide to the art of tipping at a casino.

Where to tip?

With casinos all over the world and in different geographical locations and regions, there can be confusion of whether it is legal or not to tip in a particular country. In countries like the USA, UK and Monaco tipping is totally encouraged. But some European and especially Asian countries totally frown upon this practice. In case you are unsure of tipping just ask.

Should I tip the dealer?

It is always a good gesture to show some financial appreciation to your dealer, especially if tipping is the norm of that particular country. But unlike service staff, you can’t just stuff a dollar note into your dealer’s hand since it will look suspicious. So, when tipping dealers there are few norms you have to follow:

  1. A great way to tip a dealer for a session is to put down some money outside the betting area and just let the dealer know that the tip is for them.
  2. In case you are in a winning streak or if you have won a huge sum you can share your winnings with your dealer. Generally, big winnings have shared a percentage; 1-5% is a totally acceptable tip.
  3. A more entertaining way to tip is to bet on behalf of the dealer. To ensure that the dealers known you are betting on his behalf, keep the chips half in and half out of the betting circle.
  4. Finally, playing online totally removes the hassle of tipping. So, try the online slot games and other casino games to remove the hassle of tipping.