The Best Characters From UK Online Slot Games

The number of online slot games in existence possibly eclipses the entire casino population! These slot games have themes that are incredibly varied and can be just about anything no matter how silly or incredible it might be.

Most of the UK online slot games have characters, with the complexity or otherwise of characters impacting gameplay. Most of the more popular online slot games on the market have characters that are as popular as rock stars. Some of these characters are taken from the myths of civilizations past, while others are totally made up but no less adorable. There are also some characters who are influenced by popular figures of history or the present pop culture. But whatever character is used, the focus is to make it totally believable and unforgettable.

Listed below are some of the most popular UK online slot games characters that players don’t seem able to get enough of.


Cleopatra is one of the most famous women in history, as well as one of the more popular pharaohs of ancient Egypt. Her popularity was due to the fact that she was only among a few women who ruled Egypt and that her reign marked the end of an era, as her death saw Egypt being absorbed into the Roman Empire. Her beauty, wisdom, cleverness and the intrigues she was known for have all led to her being among the most popular online slot game characters, with most game makers having multiple slots in which she prominently features, like the Cleopatra or the Queen of Egypt slots.


The Arabian Nights fables with its flying carpets, magic lamps and even more magical genies dying to grant wishes are all familiar to us. Thus, it’s not all that surprising that slots based on it -like the Genies Jackpot- are insanely popular, with players looking to it for some magic in their lives and casino accounts.

Ye Gods and Goddesses

The ancient Romans and Greeks had plenty of gods and goddesses for any possible occasion or need. Such divine beings are one of the best and most popular characters in the world of online slot games and can turn around players’ fortunes if they are in a good mood. One such slot is the Golden Goddess slots and there are enough gods and goddesses featured within to fill up another pantheon!

Donzo, Monzo, Gonzo

Spanish conquistadors and their adventures make for a good story and an excellent theme in slot games. One such character is Gonzo, from the Gonzo’s Quest online slot games. He is tasked with finding the mythical El Dorado and living happily ever after on the incredible riches found in such a place. Gonzo is handsome, bearded, fun and adorable and has all kinds of rip-roaring adventures. No wonder he is so popular!

Pixies of the Forest

Pixies are the tiny childlike beings in British myths who like causing mischief and trouble. These impossibly cute beings are a firm fixture in the world of online slot games. Among others, they are featured in the Pixies of the Forest slot, where they are tasked with guiding players to treasure.

Mighty, Mighty Leprechauns

Leprechauns are familiar characters from Irish folktales. These sneaky fellows are said to know all the tricks of the trade and have a lead role in the Rainbow Riches online slot game.

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