Find Best Payouts on Slot Machines

find best payout on slot machines

The term ‘house edge’ is immensely popular and those who play online slot games often are quite familiar with what it implies. There is a reason why popular casinos have thrived for years. It all boils down to the house edge. House edge is the percentage by which a casino expects to derive profit on a particular game. Knowing about house edge offered by different casinos will let you know the probability of you winning at a particular casino game.

RTP in online slot games

Every game offered by any casino will have a theoretical return to player derived based on statistics. Poker is an exception as the casino just fees for hosting the game. However, all other games have a house edge over them including slot games. Each slot machine will have a house edge regardless of being an offline or online casino. House edge is larger for slot machines in brick and mortar casinos than in online casinos.

Online casinos have better odds than physical slot machines. The average RTP offered by an online slot game is around 96%. Although it is not as good as what is offered by Bingo or Keno, it still offers better value to the players. Make sure to do a little bit of research before spinning the reels as even a small difference can have a significant impact over your spins.

How to calculate RTP in online slot games?

It is quite easy to estimate the return to player of Online slot games. There are several websites that offer a comprehensive list of slot games and also the returns to players associated with them. You can just enter the name of the game along with RTP in a search engine to find the details. Any game which offers RTP over 97% promises very good return. 96% and above is also acceptable. There is no slot game that promises a return of 100%. There is always a house edge associated with a game regardless of which casino you choose. You simply have a better chance of winning when you go for high RTP games.

Volatility in online slot games

Whenever you play online slot games, you need to just look at the return to player offered. There are players who prefer standard of graphics, cluster or avalanche reels. There are many players who are fussy about the kind of bonuses offered. Apart from RTP, the factor of volatility should not be ignored. A low volatility/variance game offers small payouts on a regular basis whereas high volatility game offers less but bigger payout.

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