Best Strategy to Play a Bingo Game

From the time it was devised, the common wisdom was that Bingo game was of pure luck and chance, with strategy and skill playing a totally insignificant part in wins and losses. While people primarily play Bingo because they want to win, it is also in most cases a big means of catching hold of some fun, socializing and getting entertained.
Of recent, lots of people have started playing the game solely to win, especially in the case of online bingo with totally enormous and still growing jackpots. If all you are interested in concerning Bingo is winning so often that you get dizzy, here are some strategies that will help you achieve that outcome.

Bankroll Management

Bankroll management is the most important skill that all bingo players must learn. With proper bankroll management, players will know never to spend over 3% of their bankroll per session. They will additionally learn how much time, money and other resources they should be daily spending on Bingo-related activities.

Game Selection

After bankroll management, players should carefully consider just which Bingo game to play. This might seem silly at first, but not when you consider that these days the internet hosts hundreds of bingo games and sites, which can prove overwhelming. Instead of picking any random bingo game and hoping for the best, players are encouraged to select games they easily understand and will benefit from while playing. For newbies to the online bingo scene, they should endeavour to try out only those bingo games whose entry fee is a maximum of 10% of their daily bankroll.

Winning Odds

The next step is calculating the winning odds before committing to the game. This is simpler than it seems and can be discovered by dividing the number of cards dealt with players by the total number of cards in the game. So, if players have 5 cards and there are just 100 Bingo cards, then the winning odds is a nice 5%. Calculating the winning odds can however get difficult when playing online progressive jackpot bingo games or playing in Bingo halls.

Steer Clear Of Peak Hours

For maximum chances of success, players should avoid peak hours. This is simply because at such times there are lots of other players playing the game, with individual player chances of success significantly decreasing as a result. However, when there are few players about, success chances enjoy a big boost.

Get More Cards For Bigger Winning Chances

The odds of winning can enjoy a big boost when players purchase extra cards. When this is done at times when there are few players around, then success is almost assured.

Common Bingo Numbers

During a bingo game, some numbers seem to pop up with strange regularity. This can be disturbing but is totally coincidental. In such cases, players can choose to bet on such numbers if they wish to, but the fact that it has been frequently appearing during gameplay does not mean it will show up again.


While the above strategies will not assure a win, they will definitely boost the gameplay enjoyability and might even get players hollering “Bingo” more often than was formerly the case!

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