Is Bingo a Game of Skill?

Bingo is a popular game among gamblers. Besides that, this game has been around for the longest time ever. However, with the evolution of technology, bingo is now available to play online. Players can now enjoy this exciting bingo games anytime and anywhere round the clock.

There has been a debate doing rounds online and offline as to whether Bingo is a skill game. The answer to that trivial question lies in this article.
Read on to find out the truth.

Probability Rules

Players don’t have control over the outcome of the numbers drawn. This applies in both online gaming and the traditional wheel. The random number generator in the former is responsible for dishing out numbers while playing online.

As such, players have no control whatsoever on the numbers they get. All outcomes are completely random. Various casinos both online and land-based afford the players an opportunity to choose their bingo cards. This means that you ultimately decide the numbers needed to win.

However, this has led to a misguided notion that selecting these cards will give them a higher chance of winning. The hard truth is that this game is more like picking numbers while blind-folded. There’s no difference and no skill required. Only luck.

Does Skill Apply Anywhere?

As a matter of fact, it does. Attention is a skill not everyone has. This will come in handy while playing in a bingo hall in the midst of all noise and distractions. Speed and accuracy are also crucial and pattern recognition in this game has shown to improve the brain’s cognitive functions.

Casinos offering bingo provide an auto-daub option. This will cross off your cards as soon as they are announced eliminating the possibility of missing a number. Skill will also be required when claiming prizes, especially if the prizes will be given out after crossing the correct numbers.

Bottom line is that even this type of skill can’t influence the numbers you get. Just as in Blackjack, players can’t influence the type of cards they’ll receive. However, they can decide to stand or hit.

Is it Possible to improve your Odds?

Marking off numbers might appear as an easy task, but that is easier said than done. You have to focus all your attention on the game so as not to miss any number. Apart from that, there are various ways you can employ to increase your chances of winning.

First off is by choosing a game that has fewer players. The fewer the players the higher your chances of winning. More players, on the other hand, mean that you have to fight off more opponents to win. You have to keep in mind that such a decision comes with its disadvantages. The main one being smaller rewards for games with fewer players. Another way is by buying more tickets although you’ll need to dig deeper into your pocket to fund the buy-ins. There are some bonuses, prize pools and free tickets to get the most out of your stake.

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