Bingo Games around the World

No matter where you live, you will often encounter Bingo games either in a land-based Bingo hall or online. The history behind the game is quite interesting and it differs from one country to another. There exists a certain level of difference in the way the game is played all across the globe.

Here is a quick guide to explain the differences that exist in the game plan of this popular game.

Origin of Bingo games in Italy

It is believed that the game of Bingo originated in Italy and was referred to as ‘Gioco del Lotto’ back in 1530 if historical records have to be believed. As a result, you can find numerous Bingo sites and halls all over Italy. The country remains the top country to indulge in Bingo games all over the world.

Bingo craze in the UK

Bingo is being played in the UK since the 1960s. Traditional Bingo halls followed the suit later on. The country is quite passionate about this game. This is quite evident from the fact that British Bingo transitioned from being a favourite of the older generation to a trendy game which is loved all over the country both online and offline. Originally, the game involved listening for numbers being called by a caller. The number called varied from one to ninety. There were several variants of the game called Two little ducks 22 and Two Fat ladies 88. 90 ball Bingo is still immensely popular in the country. You would find 75 ball Bingo being played in the country too.

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The transition of Bingo in Germany

Bingo was first embraced by Germany during 1880. Originally the game was referred to as Lottospiel. The phrase Volltreffer was used to exclaim if a person were to win the game. The game is much more than entertainment in the country and is also believed to be a popular teaching method across towns and cities. It is used to teach spelling and math to students. This has spiralled up the popularity of the game amongst every generation. The teaching method has made its way across to England. The country has over 40 Bingo halls hinting the popularity of this game.

Bingo games in America

With the country being the best gambling destinations in the world, it would be wrong not to mention the popularity of Bingo games in America. The country claims to be the home of modern Bingo. The game was played back in the 1920s in Western Pennsylvania and Pittsburgh. A certain entrepreneur had this game copyrighted when numerous versions of the game started to surface. Catholic churches utilized Bingo for generating funds for charities. Currently, 75-ball Bingo is immensely popular all over America.

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