Brief Explanation On Online Bingo And Slot Games

Online bingo and slot games are some of the most delightful games to play. Part of their appeal lies in the jackpots they are often featured with. These jackpots and more will be the focus of this article. Read on about online bingo and slot game and keep alert or else!

Jackpots In Online Bingo and slot game

The jackpots featured in online bingo and slot games are either preset or progressive, with both offering excellent payout potential. The bingo jackpots are normally paid to those players who meet specified requirements like calling bingo with a predetermined amount of numbers.

In the case of progressive bingo jackpots, the jackpot prize begins at a certain fixed amount and slowly grows as players buy their tickets till the game is finally won.

Preset jackpots in an online bingo and slot game, on the other hand, are usually present, with the amount to be won known beforehand and unchanging regardless of gameplay events. Such jackpots are won when players manage to accomplish a required bingo pattern, coverall or blackout. Such jackpots effectively work in much the same way as a tiered jackpot, with players able to call in a predetermined amount of numbers already listed on the bingo site in order to win potentially massive amounts that might not be the jackpot prize itself.

To be part of a jackpot bingo game all that’s required of players is to buy game tickets and pray to Lady Luck.

Online Slot Jackpots

The jackpots on online slots are either progressive or fixed. In the former case, the amount grows the more the slot is played until one lucky lad wins it. Such jackpots can be either found on standalone machines within a fixed physical location or are featured on a network of interconnected machines with the pot growing across the entire network.

Incidentally, playing a slot with a progressive jackpot prize that’s part of a network and winning the said jackpot could see players made for life! Just as they would when Lady Luck chooses to smile widely on them during an online bingo and slot game!

Jackpot Meters

In brick-and-mortar bingo establishments, the jackpot meters are usually placed right above the slot games, and display the current pot value. These meters are designed to be very eye-catching and their values change by the second as players play and play in the hope of scooping up the pot. There are also jackpot meters in online slot games, with these being located in the site software.

Max Stakes For Max Wins

Most jackpot games stipulate that players must bet the maximum possible coins in order to be eligible for prizes. This requirement must be strictly adhered to, with any deviation resulting in the forfeiture of the prize.

Free Spins Offer

Free spins are free as air and are awarded to players for varied reasons. They are much akin to cash in players’ bankrolls, can be found in practically every online casino and come in different varieties. Among the most loved are free-spins-no-deposit, in which players are required to register and verify their accounts in order to enjoy some free spins that could change their fortune.

Slot Percentages

In marked contrast to bingo jackpots, slot machines can potentially pay out different prized for different winning combos. In such a case, a jackpot prize cannot be won till the required winning combo has also been won. The jackpots in slot machines are additionally boosted a little with each play according to the percentage desired by the house, with this being profitable for them.


In the matter of jackpots, online Bingo and slot games are remarkably alike. The featured jackpots in either game type enhance the thrills such games can offer and are much popular.

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