Changes Of Online Bingo From PC Games To Mobile Games

Decades ago bingo changed from a game that was played in actual bingo halls to one that could be played online via PC. Soon after, another move to mobile bingo gaming occurred.

As to how exactly the latter event occurred, this article will try to explain in detail. Before that can happen it bears knowing that the game that was eventually known as bingo started in the 1500s. This effectively makes it one of the oldest games on the globe.

Like mobile bingo, do you? You can play it on your smartphone or you can choose to play it online from your PC.

Mobile Bingo - How it evolved?

The modern bingo game began around 1929. It was then known as “beano” with beans being employed in card marking. Getting a vertical/horizontal/diagonal line on a card was a reason for players to yell out “beano!”

However, during a carnival in Georgia, rather than calling out “beano” as usual, a player got carried away and yelled “bingo!” This was the origin of the modern name of the game.

Online Bingo

Online bingo first made an appearance in 1996. Then, of course, bandwidth speeds were severely limited, few people were able to or aware of how to access the internet and the computers of the period were severely underpowered. This did not, however, prevent fans of the game from trying out the new online version of the game they love with every fibre of their being.

Other issues faced by online bingo players of the period included weak encryption issues that made it possible for hackers to steal the financial and personal information of players. Additionally, the quality of the bingo games available during that period was nothing to write home about.

As a result of all the above, the number of players playing bingo online was not as big as it should be. With time, however, the situation improved as PC prices decreased, Internet speeds were boosted and lots more people started regularly going online and acquainting themselves with what the fabulous internet had to offer.

As more and more people started playing online bingo games, game developers started to develop better and better bingo games that took advantage of the technological developments of the period and improved on everything possible. This, in turn, drew more players to online bingo.

Mobile Bingo

Soon after, smartphones and other related mobile devices started appearing in the hands of players everywhere. This, combined with the improvement in the capabilities of wireless internet inexorably led to the development of mobile bingo games. As PC sales decline globally and smartphones become the preferred means of interacting with our world, players everywhere flock to mobile games like bingo and have no hesitation spending enormous amounts of time and other resources playing them.

As technology has advanced, better bingo games are being made that are fully mobile-optimized, feature-crammed and loaded to the gunwales with eye-candy. There are also a greater number of bingo games available that suit all tastes and pocket depths.


Mobile Bingo has a history that sounds more like fiction and has gone through some incredible evolution. It remains a game to love and can only grow from strength to strength.

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