Check before applying techniques in the scratch card and casino games

Just the way the gambling business went online, the tricks to ace at almost all these scratch card and casino games also got presented on the internet. While the veterans in this field know what trick works and what doesn’t, the new punters need to stop believing everything that they read online (you can make an exception for this article!). They need to understand the fact that most casino games are based on the chance.
Yes, there are certain games and they have certain techniques that will lead players straight to the winning streak but remember those games are ‘certain’. Not all scratch card and casino games can be dealt with tricks or any kind techniques. All the players can do in the scratch card and casino games are to wage the money and wait for their luck to shine. So, read on to find out what techniques you may/may not have read about that are absolutely useless.

Dealers Signatures

Some people think that with so many spins happening every hour, you can expect the dealer to end up having a pattern which can help predict the outcome of the game. This is known as the dealers’ signatures and come in 3 main ways. One would be noticing the difference of where the ball begins on the wheel and where it ends, secondly, the velocity of the ball if it is consistent or not and finally the wheel’s velocity. By now you must have realized how unconvincing this trick is!

Edge Sorting

Edge sorting in the scratch card and casino games are based on the back of the cards. When the cards are placed face-down, the players can look at the back of the cards and try to spot flaws if there are any. That way when the cards are flipped players will know and remember that card for further in the game and can be advantageous to them. Sometimes this technique can be applied. But the card backs coming with some flaws will seldom happen, making this technique too not so useful in the scratch card and casino games.

Dice Control

This involves throwing dice in a certain manner which will lead to repeated and consistent outcomes. This way the players can make sure to get the outcomes in craps in a consistent manner. But this really is not possible all the time. The dice might end up however they want when thrown. So its sheer luck again.

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