A Comprehensive Guide to Blackjack Terminologies

Players of online Blackjack need to have a fair bit of idea about the different features and gaming attributes. These will help them get confident while playing and devise the right strategies to play the game. As a player who is into the game, you need to have a proper understanding of the different terminologies that are used. This will help you to gain good knowledge and expertise on the Blackjack game.

Popular terminologies in online Blackjack

The following are some of the popular terms and jargons that are used in the game of online Blackjack:



Side Bets

Side-bets are used to add more bets in addition to the original bet to increase the house edge. Players can utilise them and reap better returns. The game also becomes profitable.


This happens when Blackjack uses a card side bet. This is mainly prevalent in the European version of the Blackjack game that uses a 3-card side bet.


An Ace may be equal to either 1 or 11. Typically, the ace will count to 1 unless it goes over 21.


It describes the total bets spent that are spent during a specific gaming period.


The amount of money that you use to place the bets.

Basic Strategy

The standard gaming strategy that you use in the game. It can help you bag good returns.


It happens when the game goes over the total hands of 21.


This takes place when the player goes the hand total of 21.

Five Card Charlie

This is a unique possibility when the player gets 5 cards without busting.


It happens when the deck of card is split before they are dealt.


This is the process of giving out the cards before the start of the game.

Double Down

In this option, a player can double the initial bet dealing the first two cards in order to hit one additional card.

Early Surrender

In this case, the player decides to surrender the cards before the dealer checks for the total in Blackjack.

Even Money

In this case, the player can cash on the wager after landing the cards and if the face-up card of the dealer is an Ace.

High Roller

It is used to describe a player who makes bigger bets.

Hole Card

This is a facedown card received by the dealer.


It is also referred to as Draw and takes place if the player asks for an extra card.

House Edge

This is referred to as the percentage ratio of winning in Blackjack.


This is a two-card hand that has a total of 21 points.


This takes place when both the player and the dealer have the same hand value. Also referred to as Tie or a Stand-off.


It is also referred to as Sabot and consists of a box that dispenses the cards in Blackjack.

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