Difference Between Online Bingo and Keno Explained

Bingo and keno games revolve around the numbers and the original version of both the games involve tickets. Though both the games originated as land-based games they are available in casinos and online bingo sites such as our Sailor Bingo with some extra features. Players must understand about both the games including their differences before playing.

History of Bingo and Keno

Keno is one of the oldest casino games and the roots of the game are said to be from China. It is around 3,000 years old and legend says that it helped to raise funds to construct Great Wall of China. It is also believed to be used in many fundraisings including for war. Bingo games, on the other hand, originated in 16th century in Italy. It was started as a national state lottery and it continues every Saturday even today.

The main differences

Bingo game rules do not allow the players to switch numbers, some of the bingo and casino sites allow the player to switch cards but the players cannot choose the numbers individually. In keno, players can choose up to twenty numbers from the available section. Also, the control of the bets by the players is more in keno than in Bingo games.

The goal of each game

Players of the keno can choose anywhere from one and twenty numbers. Players must place their bets on the numbers and in every round twenty number will be announced. To win the jackpot, the player should at least match a minimum of fifteen numbers. The players will also be getting fewer rewards for matching fewer numbers.

Betting methods

The betting methods in both the games differ. In bingo games, the players buy the ticket for a certain amount of money. In keno, the players can choose the bet and, they can use the same set of selected numbers for multiple games. Whereas in bingo the same card cannot be used again. The two types of the bets used in keno are straight bets and way bets, straight bets and way bets. Straight bets allow the user to place the desired bets on single numbers. Way betting divides the selected numbers into sets and players can place their corresponding bets.

Which is the better game?

Keno and bingo both can be a good choice to enjoy leisure time. The better game is based on the preference of the player’s needs and requirements. Both games have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. If the player is new to the word of online casino world then bingo game can be suggested as it involves simple gameplay and limited betting options.

Be it keno or bingo or some other online games, players should first check the licenses and regulations of the casino before playing the games there. Make your bingo special at Sailor Bingo, it is one of the reputed online bingo sites to offer excellent gaming services to all its players.