The Different Ways Of Enjoying Bingo- Bingo Patterns!

It might sound as incredible as saying that the moon is actually made of cheese, but the fact remains that there are really countless ways of playing the game known and loved as bingo. Yes, getting a bingo usually involves forming numbers in a straight line, down, across and more, but there are lots more patterns out there dying to be used. These patterns can be either simple or complex and to form it players need to focus on the game at hand, with the needed pattern essentially manifesting.

The varied games that players play need equally more varied patterns. With that in view, here are some of the more popular bingo patterns around the globe that you should get thoroughly familiar with.


This pattern can be composed in virtually any corner. It is a diagonal pattern that terminates at the corner opposite to it.

B & O

Here, all squares located on the B and O line get covered to the limit in order for a win to be recorded.

Blood, Sweat and Tears

This is composed of a trio of bingos on a single card.


When formed, this pattern looks like an actual diamond


It is possible for the frame seen on this pattern to be located either inside or outside the bingo card. A Dotted Picture Frame wins when it is formed from every other square.

Holiday-Themed Patterns

These are patterns themed around the different holidays of the year and the images normally associated with them. These holidays include the likes of Halloween, Christmas, New Year, Thanksgiving.

Layer Cake

Forming this pattern requires that every other square located in every other horizontal line be covered.


These letters are normally formed around the diagonals, corners and outside edges of the bingo card and are decided on by the bingo caller.

Lucky Seven

This is achieved using every square at the top or bottom of the bingo card, as well as a corner diagonal line.


Just like in Letters, the bingo caller decides on these and lets players know beforehand. The number pattern to be given varies, with the winner being the first player who gets the chosen number lined up on their bingo card.


This is a graduated stack loaded from either a top line or a filled bottom, that extends to the top.

Six Pack

Used when players have a pattern that’s made up of 6 numbers. That is 2 rows of 3, which are either vertical or horizontal.

Top Or Bottom

This is the type of pattern that is made when the bingo player decides to make use of the entire top or bottom squares of their bingo card.

Bingo is an exciting, suspenseful and yes endlessly varied game with lots of varying rules and patterns. This makes it perfect for players of all stripes, adaptable to local conditions and able to deliver solid doses of fun.

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