The Growth of Online Bingo in the UK

Also known as a game of chance, Bingo is undoubtedly one of the highly entertaining games in the UK. The UK has the world’s largest single online bingo market which has an estimated revenue of €312m according to the survey made in the year 2013. One of the most fascinating aspects of the Bingo game is that in the UK, women involve more in this game than men. As per the 2012 Health Survey for England, 7% of the women population played Bingo compared to 3% of men and was further increased to 12% of women.

The growth of sophisticated bingo halls which were immensely popular in the 1980s has considerably dropped down because of the emergence of numerous online bingo sites. Well, there are many other reasons too as to why the bingo halls lost its glory. One reason is the banning of smoking inside the hall and the other reasons are the VAT issues and the recession which paved the way for its decline.

The bingo halls today are unable to keep pace with the variety of games offered in the various online bingo sites. The online bingo sites offer the players with a plethora of bingo games with mesmerising bonuses. The rules of all the bingo games offered in an online bingo site are exactly the same as offered in a land-based casino with traditional bingo halls. One of the major reasons for the players to play online is easy accessibility without any disturbance in their routine.

What Makes the Bingo Sites Popular and Unique?

There are various factors which make the online bingo sites enticing and engaging. Some of the factors include the design, imagery, text style, content and so on. Firstly, the online bingo sites draw the attention of the new players by offering an exciting collection of bingo games by using action words such as ‘Play now’, ‘Register now’ and the like which indeed stimulates the players to try and explore the various bingo games instantly. The sites also evoke the thrill of the game by providing the players with magnificent bonuses and promotions. Secondly, the bingo sites evoke a sense of belonging with the players by using decorative language which is inviting and convincing. It also offers the players with an exclusive chat feature where the players can interact with the operators to know about the games offered and with the fellow players too. Thirdly, the bingo sites also exhibit the names of the winners with their gaming experience which in turn motivates the players to sign up for the game and try their luck.

The Benefits of Playing the Bingo Games Online

The advantages of playing the online bingo games are many.

  • The players can engage themselves in playing the bingo games, 24/7, anywhere, anytime in any of the online bingo sites of their choice.
  • The bingo games can be accessed from several gaming devices which include PC, smartphone, tablet, iPhone and iPad from the comforts of their home with just a click of a button.
  • The players can also converse with a variety the players via the chat feature without tedious journeying.
  • Some of the bingo sites also offer the ‘Freeplay’ feature where the players can play the bingo games for free in order to understand the rules and adapt them quickly.
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