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History and Future of Slot Industry

History and future of online slot industry

If there is one thing slots industry is known for, it is for its versatility. Previously, its versatility was in the sense that it appealed to everybody; men, women and children from all socio-economic backgrounds and with different interests loved slots. The universal popularity of slots is apparent in it being omnipresent all around the globe. Currently, the slot industry is showing its versatility by upgrading itself to suit the needs of the modern generation. Online slots are one of the most popular games played by millions of people online. As a tribute to the versatility of the slots industry, here is the history and the future of slot games.

In the very beginning

Slot machines have a very humble origin. The very first slot machine was invented in 1895 in San Francisco by a young engineer named Charles Fey. He first created the slot machine when he was working for an electric company and named it Liberty Bell. The original format was very similar to how we play slots even today; it has three reels with pictures, and when one of the famous bells came on each reel, the player won a grand prize of 50 cents. And this is how the idea for slot machines came into being.

Subsequent development

Looking at the original design, it is obvious that the underlying concept of slots has remained the same through the ages. So, what changed? Basically, the one thing that has changed is the technology used and the level of sophistication. Over the years, the game became more and more intense, and people started using technology to make it more advanced. What started with reels, in the later years slot machines became computerised. Though the concept was the same, the use of computers and random number generation software made the slot machines more up to date. And now in the 21st century, we have completely done away with slot machines. Slot games today are completely online.

The age of online slots

Currently, we are in an age where the internet has its influence on everything, even slot machines. Today, countless websites are providing people with the convenience of online slots. Being available online, people can enjoy a game whenever and wherever they want. People are now provided with a more convenient option to try their luck, without even having to step out of their home. Additionally, online slots today, are even more sophisticated. Rather than the traditional single chance, slot machines online are more like video games. Developers are utilising all the aspects involved in video games, including engaging storylines, great visuals and great music to entice people to their websites and entertain them through online slots. So, in case you are a slot machine enthusiast, the future of online slots looks very encouraging.

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