How Bingo Network Works?

Without a doubt, networks play a very crucial role in today's Online bingo gaming industry. With networks, it is now a possibility for newly launched bingo gaming websites to connect with a player pool currently in operation. This is done in a similar way to how the prize money in landlocked casinos is linked to a number of casino games. In truth, the strength of cash prize pools is directly linked with the volume of players that exist in bingo networks. This article aims to explain just how online bingo network works.

So What Exactly Is An Online Bingo Network?

In plain terms, an Online bingo network comprises of a number of different sites which amass a variety of resources such as cash prizes and players. Players from the sites can then make use of all the services, such as banking and chat room services that are offered by the centrally located bingo network. Typically, bingo networks have a much greater cash jackpot prize. This is due to the combination of the cash prizes of all the sites that make up the network.

A case in point is if there are three sites that make up a bingo network. The first site comprising of 10 players while the second site 20 players and the third site consisting of 40 players. It means that the bingo network now has a pool of 70 players. Not just this, but every cash prize that would have been awarded to players in their individual sites (when operating as a standalone) would now be shared amongst all the players.

So if for example, the first site had prize money of £1,000 for 10 players, the second had £5,000 for 20 players and the third had £20,000 for 40 players. When these prizes are combined in the bingo network, you will have a total prize pool of £26,000 with 70 players partaking from this jackpot prize. This beats whatever the players could have earned in cash prizes from their respective Online bingo sites.

Confidentiality Assured In Bingo Networks

As bingo players of different sites join an Online bingo network their identities remain confidential. The players of other sites within the network would be unaware of the identities of the other bingo players. The only information they would have access to is the volume of the prize pool as well as the number of bingo players that make up the network.

As stated earlier, the bingo network would be responsible for the provision of network services which the bingo operators and players can utilise from the network's central location. For example, “white label” or “turnkey operation” network solution services can be utilised by bingo operators. It is commonplace to find bingo networks offering “white label” network solution services which is just simply a site within the network that is ready for use by a bingo operator on the Online bingo network.

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