How to Play Online Bingo: Rules & Strategy

There are only a handful of games that have survived decades and still being cherished by millions of players all over the world; bingo games are one of them. The fact that it is based on pure luck makes the whole gaming session intriguing and exciting. Online bingo game is the kind of game that you can play countless times yet still would be interested in playing it.

Times have changed and so did bingo games. The game which was once enjoyed in humongous halls is now relished in the comfort of the homes, immense thanks to the arrival of online and mobile casinos.

How is online bingo different from land-based bingo games?

One of the common mistakes the seasoned land-based bingo players used to make, out of curiosity and excitement is, they shout “Bingo!” when they form a winning combination. Though it is a rule in land-based bingo games to say out loud if you have got a winning combination, in the case of online casinos the winnings are automatically considered.

Another major difference is that the player can handle multiple cards easily at online bingo games as the numbers are automatically marked. In bingo halls, the player must mark the number one by one as they are called. Hence, it is difficult for the players to handle multiple cards at the same time. This also changes the probability of winning of the players.

Rules of Bingo game

Players who have already participated in bingo games can find that the similar rules apply here. There are three types of wins in the game. One Line – when a win is formed on a horizontal line of numbers. Two Lines – when a win is formed on two horizontal lines of numbers. Full House – when a win is formed on all the 15 numbers.

Strategies for online bingo games

Though bingo games are based on pure luck, some strategies might increase the chances of winning and they are discussed below.

Get more bingo cards

Since the numbers are automatically marked off, players don't have to deal with the problem of missing out the numbers. If you have multiple cards and if a number is called out, if it is not on one card then it could be present in another card. This could increase the chance of winning.

Know what you are playing for

Different bingo rooms will have different prizes and it is important to know what the winnings prizes are. Based on the prize money the player should decide how to play. For example, the player should buy cards based on the prize money. Sailor Bingo is one of the best sources where bingo rooms with big prize money can be found. It also houses plenty of online casino games.

Play in a game where the competition is less

It can be noticed that the bingo games with huge prize money will attract a lot of players, but that's not always a case. Several factors such as time of the play, the popularity of the games and so influence the number of players engaging in the game. The chances of winning could be higher if the player participates in a game where there is less competition.

Players should keep in mind that bingo is purely based on luck and should always practice responsible gambling.