All About the 5-Line Online Bingo Game

Bingo has come a long way in offering different variants for players. It has become more advanced ever since the game has got online platforms. Developers have come up with new and unique variants to make bingo even more exciting for players. The new rising star of this category of games is the five line online Bingo. This makes the 75-ball and 90-ball games old games as the ability to win in this bingo are more advanced. So people who are bored with popular Bingo formats can really find this game interesting and highly rewarding as well.

What exactly is 5-Line online Bingo?

This is a simple design with advanced five lines where you can win. So there are five rows and five columns making it 25 squares with numbers from 1 to 75. So the base format is taken from the 75-ball bingo game but what makes this different is there is no empty space. This means the better opportunity of winning as you can make a five line win and a full house for a great grab of rewards. The 75-ball game just gives you one single chance to win. The 90-ball format is slightly better with three chances. But the 5-line format allows you five chances of winning.

Winning at a 5-Line Bingo

The winning in this amazing online Bingo game variant is quite easier than other formats. You can win when you make a horizontal number matches, vertical match and diagonal matches. So you can make diagonal wins both top left to bottom right as wells as top right to bottom left. This is a very easy to follow game and ideal for most beginners. The pace of this is pretty impressive that lets you play a large number of games per hour.

Hitting Jackpots

Most online bingo allows 1 to 4 line winners and it increased with every game. Winning a jackpot is something that every online Bingo player aims at. And since this format has five lines, the winning is easier. With so many possibilities, you can easily aim to win a jackpot. So there is only need for a small amount of luck to play its role in this game.

The game pattern

There are five lines and the set of numbers are considered in each column. The first line or column has numbers from 1 to 15. The second line has numbers from 16 to 30. 31 to 45 are the numbers that show on the third line. The fourth line has numbers ranging from 46 to 60. The last line number ranges from 61 to 75. So this is basically a 75-ball online Bingo on a 90-ball format but with enhanced winning lines. Because there is no space at the centre of the game table, the diagonal wins are very much possible. They serve as additional benefits for players.

Experience 5-Line online Bingo

With added lines and enhanced winning possibility, this Bingo format is surely going to be the game that will trend the highest in coming days. Also, try your luck on online Slots, Mobile bingo games and much more covered at Sailor Bingo.