Interesting Facts about Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is one of the most famous series after Breaking Bad. It has quite a number of fans from all over the world. Seven seasons have been released so far and there have been numerous fan theories floating around since the first season. In 2015, Game of Thrones made a Guinness Record for the most pirated series of all time. The hugely popular HBO series Game of Thrones has fascinated the hearts of fans across the world and Microgaming has turned the award-winning series into a thrilling online slots game. Take up your armour and start playing Games of Thrones online slots game at our online bingo site.

Continue reading to know more jaw-dropping facts about Game of Thrones.

Sophie adopted the dire-wolf Lady in her real life

Ned Stark executed Sophie’s small pup in the season one due to the forceful command of Cersei. Then the crew decided to give back the pup and Sophie’s mom persuaded the crew to let them adopt her. Sophie herself said this in an interview and added that she wanted a dog for many years.

Dany’s dragons were made based on the references from geese and cats

It is no doubt that the dragons looked stunning and compelling. Seven Martin, the effects supervisor the series said that they studied goose to understand how they move their wings and they also studied the flying of bats. The crew even advised Emilia Clarke to stroke her dragon like a cat.

Tyrion has the most appearances in terms of number of episodes

Tyrion Lannister appeared on fifty-nine episodes as of episode five of season seven. It is followed by Cersei who appeared on 57 episodes and Jon Snow who made appearances on 55 episodes.

Fourteen actors of Harry Potter have acted in Game of Thrones

The list includes Michelle Fairley – Hermonie’s mother as Catelyn Stark, David Bradley – Argus Filch as Walder Frey, Ciaran Hinds – Aberforth Dumbledore as Mance Rayder, Daniel Tuite – one of the Ministry wizards as Lother Frey, Jim Broadbent – Professor Slughorn as Archmaester Eborse.

Jon Snow’s rug during Night’s Watch is made by IKEA

During a Getty Museum talk in 2016, the costume designer, Michele Clapton, revealed that the capes worn by people of Night’s Watch were IKEA rugs. This news didn't get enough attention until IKEA released instructions to construct capes like the ones worn by Jon Snow.

There is a real metal like Valyrian steel

According to the story, the best blades are made from Valyrian steel. According to the story, Valarian blades can be passed down from one to another but no new weapon could be made without melting the existing Valyrian steel. It seems that George RR Martin created the concept of Valyrian steel based on Damascus Steel which was popular in Middle East India. Damascus steel was well known for its strength and sharpness. It is said that the techniques needed to make the steel are lost somewhere around the 18th century. From then on multiple attempts have been made to find the process but all of them ended in vain.

The Night’s King of the series and the Night’s king of the book are different

The Night’s King in the book is described as a legendary figure before a long time. He was once a commander of the Night’s Watch and he fell in love with a mysterious woman. He declared himself as the king under her influence and went on to rule for 13 years. The interesting part is that the Night’s King is believed to be a member of the Stark family. But the series adopted a different story for the Night’s King. According to the series, the Night King and the Walkers were created by the Children of the Forest.

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