Introduction to Online Slot Games

Ever since the casinos went online, the online slots have been one of the most popular games to try. Both new and old players are thrilled about the online video slots and their themes to keep up their excitement. And with such high demand, these slots are only on a rise.

People have always been enquiring about the slots, its ways of functioning and how the exciting bunch of games can help them win big amounts. To answer all the questions, here is a brief guide and introduction to online slot games.

The online slot old era and the new!

The fancy slot games at casinos, in the past, included inserting of coins to pull a lever and let the reels spin. If one would win the coins would come rolling out of the machine. And the jackpots would be the most exciting thing ever!

But now the emergence of online video slots has made the fun even more exciting. Instead of putting in the coin, again and again, there is a balance to maintain. And unlike a regular casino, there is no time or place bar here. Players can play their favour online slot games anytime, anywhere and as many times as they like!

Types of online slots

Online slots are available in a variety of choices for the players of different interest. There are virtual reality slots, progressive slots, video slots, classic slots, futuristic slots, 243 payline slots, 3D slots, graphics slots, fantasy slots and many more varieties to choose from!

Most of the slots have 5 reels and 25 payline structure. And the online slots have surpassed this standard to reach more than 243 paylines for the players to enjoy.
And with the new games coming in, online video slots are now designed in themes taken from books, video games, movies, TV shows, popular celebrities etc.

How does an online slot work?

Some amount of general knowledge is required to understand just how online slot works and how you can win money here!

Slot reels – These are the ‘reels’ that used to be prominent in old-casino slot games. Today they are visual representations of the software making a calculation randomly to display the best combinations. It treats the players with symbols and combinations that can help them win. Typically a game has 5 reels.

Paylines – Paylines are the number of ways in which the players have a chance to win. The number of reels and paylines bring in permutation and combinations which decide what and how much do the players win for each combination.

Choice of paylines – having 243 paylines doesn’t mean players have to bet on all the paylines. They can choose to bet on just 10 or 25 or even 50 to stand a better chance at a win.

Min and Max bet – Each game is different when it comes to betting. The software developer sets a bracket of betting limits from minimum to maximum to enjoy the game.

Bonus features of the online slots

In addition to the standard winning prizes and amounts, there are a variety of bonus features for the players to find in the online video slots. The most common ones include:

Wild – Wild symbols substitute the other symbols on the reels to make way for winning combinations for the players. When a player is losing out on just one symbol to get a good winning, the Wild symbols come into play!

Scatter – Scatter symbols don’t require an appearance on a set of reel four or five times. The mere presence of the scatter symbols on the reels in numbers more than three makes the player get a free spin or some bonus.

Multipliers- Multipliers are treats for the players that may arrive with a spin. These multiply the winnings of the players giving them more bonuses.

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