List of facts about Bingo Daubers

Bingo is not just a fun game anymore but has become a competitive game as well. And it would probably be correct to mention that the popularity of this game exceeds every expectation that one might have. To aid to have a fabulous experience with the game, a lot many apparels are available in the market as well. One such product is the ‘Dauber’. A Dauber is used in a Bingo Game to mark and ink numbers whenever they are called out.

Here are a few facts that many people might not know about Daubers:

Few Facts on Daubers used in Bingo Game:

1) Origin of Daubers: Bingo Game initially started out in the 1500s in France and slowly online bingo soon became prevalent in other parts of Europe by the 1700s. By the 20th century, Bingo became popular in North America and was popular in churches and by NGOs in order to raise fundraisers. Over time, the necessity of marking numbers in order to prevent chaotic situations became the forefront reason for introducing daubers to the world.

2) Ink Novelty: Bingo Game daubers introduced decades back only used ink that was of the common variety. It never showed any interest to depict the class of the user. However, in recent times, fluorescent inks and glitter inks became popular among Bingo players who wanted to leave a mark in the community

3) Easy to make: Contrary to popular beliefs, making one’s own dauber is, in fact, an approachable idea. Except for the ink that has to be bought (in a few cases and in the presence of the right components, inks can be home-made too) the rest of the casing for the dauber can be built by anyone! There are lot many tutorials and guides available on the internet, to follow and repeat the steps as well

4) Creative application: Who said that Daubers can only be used in a game of Bingo? A lot many creative artists have come up who have used daubers to make exceptional arts as well. Calligraphy artists have been implementing daubers for the same purpose as well!

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