The Most Popular And Weird Slot Machine Superstitions

Are you a superstitious sort? Does the sight of black cats terrify you and do you refuse to walk under ladders under pain of death?

If you are looking for superstitions that will make yours feel like nothing at all, you can find plenty of them in the gambling world. Here are a few of the more bizarre held by online slot machine players:

Hot & Cold Coins

Some slot machine players fervently believe that the key to easy wins is to insert only hot coins into the slot machine. Thus, they might furiously rub coins or blow on them before inserting them into the provided receptacle. Others, on the other hand, believe that gold coins are the best.

Upstanding Players

Slot machines usually come with seats. However, some people are of the belief that their probability of wins is boosted when they are standing up, rather than being seated at leisure. This is, of course, a total fallacy as the slot is not sentient and every spin is totally random.

Winning Location

Some slot players are of the belief that slot operators place slots with looser payouts near the entrance of casinos, as a means of enticing other players by the sight of the constant wins that accrue from them. This might be true to some extent.

New Slots= Better Payouts

Quite a few players are of the opinion that the probability of winning it big is higher on new slot machines, as they are ostensibly endowed with looser payouts in order to encourage players to try them out. This is actually a fallacy that casino operators are in no hurry to disprove. However, new slots quite frequently come with promos like free spins and such. These can actually enhance the possibility of wins.

Player Club Cards Are Worthless

Lots of casinos issue player club cards. With these cards, players can enjoy such benefits as bonuses, discounts and lots more. However, quite a lot of players have but fail to make use of these cards. According to them, the cards can be employed by a casino to see their wins. With this information, the casino can stop further wins when they appear to be winning excessively. This is, of course, total balderdash, as each spin on a slot machine is very much random, with operators totally unable to influence spins.

Screen Touch

Most slot players can be found touching or otherwise rubbing the screen of the slot- like an ardent lover! These people believe that by touching icons like wilds and bonus icons, they can convince them to show up on the following spin. This is of course hogwash.

Pay Now Or Later

A widespread belief in the slots world has to do with the fact that a slot that has not paid out in a while is assumed due for a massive payout anytime soon. Also, if the slot has a jackpot that has not paid out in a while it is assumed that it will pay out quite soon. This thinking is totally fallacious, due to the very randomness of spins.

Online Slot Machines Are Rigged

Some players believe that all online slots are rigged, with players not being able to win anything. The reverse is, however, the case as online slot operators are strictly licensed and registered. While there might be a few illegal and fraudulent slot operators around, the vast majority are totally trustworthy.

Lucky, Lucky Mascots

Slot players believe that varied items bring them a good fortune when they play. These might be horseshoes, trinkets, a rabbit’s foot, family photos and practically anything else. The practice does not appear to be harmful and can certainly boost the enjoyment of games.