Why Multipliers Are Useful In Online Slot Games?

why multiplers are used in online slot games

For just about all gamblers, online slot games are the best. Such games are amazingly simple, feature a diverse array of themes, tons of sinful eye-candy and varied payouts. This and more make online slots dominant where overall gambling revenues and player devotion are concerned.

There is, however, something else that most online slot games come with and that is multipliers. Multipliers help spice up the gameplay experience, especially in those slots without a jackpot prize and are much loved.

Read on and get to know just how multipliers in online slot games work.

Enjoy the multiplier effect in online slot games

Multipliers are featured in most online slots. Their role is to maximize wins. Some multipliers double or triple wins, though there are online slot games with 50x multipliers and more.

Worth noting is that not every online slot is equipped with a multiplier. Also, some multiplier features are only activated during bonus features rather than base gameplay.The precise function of a multiplier icon is usually clearly explained in the paytable of online slot games. Players are therefore advised to consult this before spinning up the reels.

Types of multipliers

Multipliers come in varied flavours. These are as follows:

  • Base game multipliers - They are active during the base game, rather than the supported bonus round or special feature. Most base gameplay multipliers offer 2x and 3x wins for arranging 3 and up identical icons adjacent to each other.
  • Wild multipliers - Wild icons replace all other icons except the scatter and are possibly everyone’s favourite online slot game icons. Wild multipliers apart from enabling a win, also multiplies the value of such a win. This can easily result in a very sizable payout and that is precisely why wild multipliers are so sought after.
  • Free spins multipliers - Such types of multipliers are among the most common on show. There are many types of free spin multipliers. Examples of free spins multiplies include fixed, hidden and a multiplier of choice. The first is fixed in place, the second must be revealed by performing certain gameplay actions, while the last is chosen by the player. That is, with a multiplier of choice, players are presented with a list of free spins plus varied multiplier values attached. For instance, say, 5 free spins along with the 5x multiplier, 8 free spins along with the 3x multiplier and 15 free spins along with the 2x multiplier. The player is then required to choose from such a list.
  • Scatter multipliers - Scatters are icons that can appear anywhere on the reels they wish and still trigger a win. Scatter multipliers whenever they appear to multiply the payout value make massive wins easily possible. No wonder players tend to love to scatter multiplier icons to bits.


Multiplier icons play a great role in online slot games. Such icons massively add to the overall gameplay experience, thrill players to no end and multiply the fun to be had.

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