Neteller - Online Bingo Payment Method

Neteller is one of the premier e-wallet services that allows you to make your deposit at Sailor Bingo. Membership at Neteller also includes the N+ card which serves as a prepaid MasterCard and you can also use them for making bingo deposits. Speaking of Bingo, this game symbolises relaxation after the work for the day since the ancient days. Bingo has always been a preferred game even during the pre-casino days. And now with bingo games online being played more at online bingo websites, it indeed makes more sense to talk about online payment methods, one of the most popular online payment methods being Neteller.

Neteller and Online Bingo

The most basic aspect of Neteller is that there are no complications in using this e-wallet. All you need to have is a valid e-mail ID, Debit/Credit Cards and a highly stable internet connection which makes the experiences of the players who play bingo games online on Sailor Bingo quite well.

Why use Neteller

Being one of the major alternatives to traditional methods of payment, Neteller for the most obvious of reasons has been designed to simplify the entire payment process system. And hence no explanation is required as to why Neteller is one of the world’s biggest independent money transfer businesses. With heavy security protection, password, and unique account ID, you can rest assured all your personal details are safe.

There are tons of reasons for using Neteller, as a payment method on Sailor Bingo, but the biggest benefits are too obvious to not be noticed- as aforementioned, it simplifies the different processes of playing the game- making payments without any hassles and repeatedly filling in the account details when you want to play the game. Just key in your password and you’re all set to go. Also, once you have created your Neteller account, you do not always have to always key in your card details over the web each time you make a payment because they are heavily secured, thanks to sophisticated encrypted technology. And so, no worries while playing online bingo using Neteller.

The process of getting started

The reasons below will indicate why Neteller is one the best e-wallets to use while playing online bingo games- the simplicity involved.

● Visit their website and click on the ‘join for free’ button.
● Key in your personal details such as the email address, the home country, and other required details.
● Make sure you go through the agreement of the site’s terms and conditions and other policies.
● You’ll have to take note of the secure code given to you by Neteller as you complete filling the sign-up form. This number will be handy in accessing your account for certain transactions.
● Deposit the money into your Neteller account by clicking on the ‘Money In’ button and follow the instructions on the screen.
● Log in to Sailor Bingo and select Neteller as your preferred method of payment. And now, you’re finally ready to play online bingo in the most fun, competitive and a completely secure environment.

At Sailor Bingo, players can make use of different payment methods and experience the amazing bingo games in few simple clicks.