Online Bingo Wagering Requirements Explained

Online bingo wagering requirements are the minimum deposit lower-limits set by the online casinos offering various types of bonuses through promotions. It is the amount that the gamblers must spend to avail the offered bonuses. The minimum amount that needs spending can be a multiple of the bonuses or a bonus plus some amount money and must be spent on buying Bingo tickets at online bingo or spent on certain games in case of other casinos. The money spent on other slot games does not count in wagering requirements. If your balance reaches zero though, during a game, the requirement is assumed to have been fulfilled.

How Does Wagering Requirements Work?

Say you bet £50 on a game. With a 300% bonus offered, you would be given (£150+£50) = £200 to play with. A 4x wagering requirement would mean that you spent 4 times of the bonus offered on Bingo tickets. In this case, it comes out to be 4 x £150 = £600. This means that you must be spending a minimum of £600 on buying Bingo tickets. Sometimes the wagering requirements also include the base money put in by you. That would make the wagering requirement, in this case, to be 4 x (£200+£50) = £1000. Right? As the bonus increases, the wagering requirement increases, too.

The casino slots offering the most attractive of all bonuses on bingo games also have the highest wagering requirements which go on increasing as bonuses keep rolling. This minimum deposit can then take some while for the gamblers to clear them and encash their winnings. So, make sure that you really want to play for a long time before you walk into the lure of bonuses.

Why are they Important?

This is a kind of security money that you deposit with your favourite online bingo as an assurance that you would continue playing on their site and not just vanish after having availed their bonuses. Most of them maintain a minimum deposit requirement abiding by the anti-money laundering laws where people can’t just keep taking money outside without putting anything in. With wagering requirements, casinos ensure that you will keep playing to satisfy your minimum deposit levels while you avail bonuses. This ascertains that the casinos do not run out of money and bonuses to offer and keep their rooms full of players and gamblers.

Kinds of Wagering Requirement

There are basically two kinds of minimum wagering deposits. One, where you need to fulfil the minimum deposit conditions to be able to make any withdrawals from your rewards or winning sums. In the second case, you need not satisfy the requirements beforehand but after having made a withdrawal without spending the minimum amount of Bingo tickets, bars you from availing any further bonuses.

The Way Around

The wagering requirements, although nothing to be wary of, can be a bit burdening. You can get out by opting out of any bonus schemes if you don’t want to be satisfying the wagering requirements, sweating money out all the time. You can just play a game without bonuses and simply not be bothered about them. Please play responsibly.