Online Slots Glossary

There are practically little that’s more entertaining than playing online slots. Online slots require no skill to play, with everything resting in the capable hands of Lady Luck. While they are easily among the simplest means of gambling ever, they still come with some terms that players need to be thoroughly familiarized with.

In alphabetical order these are:

Action- used to refer to all happenings on an online slot machine over a certain period of time.

Annuity Winner- this is an online slot machine jackpot where all wins are paid out in instalments over years or months.

Bandit- an old-school description for slot machines.

Bet- refers to the act of feeding coins to a slot machine, and then either pulling a lever or clicking a button to get the game started.

Bet Max- this is a button that when clicked permits the highest possible bet.

Big Betha Slots Machines- these are larger-than-usual online slots that are exhibited at some traditional casinos.

Bonus- these are varied and enhance the odds of wins.

Buy-A-Feature- this refers to online slots with certain features that are activated only when a specific amount has been wagered.

Buy-A-Pay- this is an online slot with extra icons. Players are required to pay extra for these extra icons, which boost winning chances.

Candle- a warning light in a slot machine indicating a fault of some kind.

Carousel- refers to a group of slot machines found in a traditional casino.

Classic Game- these games have three reels and variable paylines.

Cold Machine- an online slots machine that has not recorded wins in a long while.

Coins- units of currency used in slot machines.

Coin-Free Play- this involves gameplay at a slot, with the wins paid out in the form of coupons and tickets. These can later be changed to real money.

Coins Per Line- refers to how many coins players bet on each payline.

Coins Per Spin- refers to how many coins play wagers on each spin.

Console Slot Machines- these are ergonomically designed slots that are very comfortable to play on for long periods.

Credit- upon insertion of some form of currency into an online slots machine, it is changed to credit that lets players make wagers and the like.

Fill- this refers to the credit of a player that has been freshly topped up.

Five Liner- this is a slot machine with 3 horizontal and 2 diagonal payout lines.

Fixed Value- such online slots machines have fixed wages that cannot be altered.

Fruit Machines- an old name for slots, which formerly had just fruits as icons.

Games Per Hour- a reference to the number of spins per hour players get up to.

Hammer- this refers to the repeated play of a slot in the expectation of winning.

Hit- the act of landing a winning combo.

Hit And Run- refers to players who play a slot a few times, moves on to the next and the next.

Hit Frequency- refers to how often a slot machine pays out.

Hit Rate- the same as Hit Frequency.

Hold- the act of preventing a reel from spinning up, so as to boost the winning chances. Usually achieved with a particular button.

Hold And Respin Game- this is a slot machine in which the “Hold” function is baked within.

Hopper- a container designed for storing money in a slot machine.

Hot Machine- one that pays out regularly.

Jackpot- the chief prize in an online slots machine.

Linked Progressive Jackpots- multiple online slots machines whose jackpot prize are connected.

Loose Machine- another name for a Hot Slot.

Low Level- a type of slot found in traditional casinos, with a seating arrangement being standard.

Multi-Denominational- refers to a slot machine that uses a multitude of coins, all of the different denominations.

Multi-Line- a slot machine with multiple paylines.

Multiplier- this boosts the value of wins when certain gameplay requirements are met.

Near Miss- a loss that was almost a win.

Nudge- refers to a slot machine that boasts a “Nudge” button, with this enabling player nudging certain icons into place in order to complete a win.

One-Armed Bandit- an old name for slot machines, due to the protruding lever and low payout of the period.

Onesies- refers to players that bet a single coin at a time.

Payline- this refers to a line filled with winning combos that grants a payout.

Paytable- a line drawing that details the payouts when icons are landed in combination.

Payback- how much an online slots machine pays out versus how much was deposited into it.

Pokies-used in Australia in reference to slot machines.

Progressive Jackpots- this is a massive jackpot that grows over time as more and more players play it without success.

Progressive Slot- a large number of slot machines that are linked together via an identical progressive jackpot.

Progressive Ticker- this is a numeric value stating the value of the progressive jackpot at any moment.

Raining- a slot machine paying out lots of coins, due to the distinctive noise it makes.

Reels- the barrels found on any slot.

Select Lines- the paylines chosen during gameplay.

Scatter Pay- slot machines that support this function have single icons that offer big payouts regardless of what icon combo it forms.

Slot Testing- the testing of a slot in order to know its payout percentage.

Stacked Wilds- multiple wild icons that appear while stacked on each other like a pile of chips.

Stand Up- slots that are played standing up.

Stops- when the reel stops spinning.

Streak- refers to the run of good or bad luck that is evident at any moment.

Symbol- the pictures shown on the reels, which can be landed to form wins.

Take/Pay Circle- the length of time needed for a slot to pay out wins, depending on the amount deposited.

Ticket In, Ticket Out Slots- some slot machines pay out wins via tickets. These can be inserted into other slots and the available credit made use of.

Tilt- when all the credit in a slot machine is gone.

Total Bet- how much that has been wagered on any spin.

Video Slot Machine- a slot machine that makes use of computer-created and manipulated imagery.

Wager- how much is played per bets.

Wager Management- used by players to keep track of how much they spend.

Wild Symbol- this special icon replaces other icons and helps form wins.

Win- a “Win” is registered when the icons correctly line up.

Winning Combination- a row of icons arraigned in some order that triggers a payout.

Zigzag- a description of the pattern found on winning combos in slot machines.

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