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Pay by Mobile Phone - An Easy Way to Pay and Play!

At present time, money is sent and received online in a matter of minutes. Making a payment is no more a difficult task as there are a plenty of money transaction providers in the market. One of the easiest ways to deposit the money is through the mobile bill and Boku provides that. Sailor Bingo provides you with countless of bingo and casino games. Pay by mobile phone method is rapidly becoming one of the most popular methods of depositing with fast payments to play your favorite bingo games, slots and other casino games available at our online bingo site.

What is Boku?

Boku is a company which helps the people to make the deposits using phone bill. It is just like the charges added to the phone bill like if a call is made. Boku is the intermediate source between the merchant and the user. It makes the corresponding charges on the user’s network provider and processes the cash to the merchant.

What are the charges for the user?

One of the interesting facts about Boku is that it does not charge the users but the merchants. For example, if a player deposits £10 in mobile bingo games then the same amount will be deposited in the casino account. Instead, the casino will be charged by Boku.

How does Boku work?

Boku makes use of Direct carrier billing mechanism which is an advanced method of premium SMS (PSMS). PSMS was the widely used method for selling ringtones and to receive money using text message. Though it was used in a wide range of sectors it was non-dependable, insecure and lacked flexibility when it comes to offering different pricing options. These disadvantages were resolved in direct carrier billing technology. In simple terms, direct carrier billing benefits from the ease of use in PSMS and the security of credit card transactions. Therefore, it is simpler than most of the payment methods including mobile wallets and NFC.

How to use Boku?

Select the Boku payment method on the site where you want to deposit the money. For example, if you are depositing money in bingo games then select the Boku payment system which is available in the payment section and popular as pay by mobile phone. The user will be taken to the payment panel of Boku and they can check the payment option here again. Proceeding to the next step, the user will be receiving a text message which asks authentication to the user. The reply to this message does not cost any money.

The user will be receiving a text messaging informing about success or failure of the operation.

Benefits of using Boku – Pay by Mobile

No need for registration – One does not need an account in Boku to use its services. Mobile number is the essential element in the process.
No need for bank accounts – The charges are directly levied on the mobile bills. Users can pay the network operator and therefore banks are not involved in any part of the process.

Boku is one of the easiest and safest payment system and more importantly it levies charges only on merchants and not on users. Sailor Bingo which has a remarkable collection of games has this payment method. Players can deposit their money safely and can enjoy uninterrupted gaming here.