Places Where Bingo Games are Played Around the World

Bingo is certainly one of the well-liked and frequently played games chosen by a majority of players worldwide. There are plenty of bingo halls around the globe which offers the players with a fascinating collection of bingo games. However, the history of the bingo games differs from country to country and this is something a player must look deep into while choosing the bingo games to explore.

So, here is a list of a few places which offers the players with an amazing collection of bingo games which are indeed a must try.


Did you know? The bingo game originated in Italy popularly known as the ‘land of pizza’. This game came into existence in the year 1530 as per the historical records. Italy features the best bingo halls and games which you cannot imagine missing as they are highly rewarding and captivating. Italy remains one of the best countries which offers the players with an exciting collection of bingo games. So, do check out.

The United Kingdom

The bingo game was played in the UK since the 1960s. The UK is one of the most vehement countries wherein the players indulge in playing bingo games extensively. Typically, 90 ball bingo is played in the UK, although you can also access numerous 75 ball bingo games, too. If you wish to take delight of authentic bingo games, then, the UK is your ultimate destination.


Germany welcomed the bingo game in 1880 and ever since then, it is preferred by a great number of German players. It is to be noted that Bingo in Germany is much more than a form of entertainment and is it is popularly used as a teaching method in cities and towns across the country. It is primarily used to teach maths and spelling, but other subjects have also integrated the use of this game, including history. This has led to a growth in popularity amongst every generation, and this particular form of teaching method has even made its way across to England. There are more than 40 dedicated bingo halls in the country which signifies how important and popular the game is in Germany.


Romania is ranked second in popularising the bingo game. It has been doing it since 1990. It offers the players with sophisticated bingo halls and there are also a few bingo shows which are immensely popular like the ‘Bingo Romania’. However, Romania has a lot of uncertainties with regards to the legalities of gambling. But yes, you are sure to find numerous bingo sites in the country which features the top Bingo games offering exuberant payouts. So, don’t miss it!


Being one of the premier gambling destinations, America is regarded as ‘the home of modern bingo’. It began its journey in the 1920s and since then, there is no turning back. The bingo game was actually copyrighted by an entrepreneur, and a number of versions then came up in the 30s and 40s. Catholic churches also utilised bingo as a way to generate funding, and charities would also utilise this particular game, for modest stakes, to raise money. There are numerous commercial games which are currently run in casinos to this very day, and it is similar to Germany. America has also used bingo for educational purposes and it is typically the 75-ball bingo which is associated with America.


The rise in the popularity of bingo in Japan initially began with the online casinos. Japan is known as the land of pachinko machines, but the rise in technology and the recent legalisation of gambling in Japan is beginning to see a number of players turning to bingo, too. Japan is actually known to be the second largest market in the entire world when it comes to online bingo, and this is particularly popular due to the culture and of the game.


The popularity of bingo in Sweden is certain on the rise. Bingo is one of the only types of gambling which is not entirely under state-control and this could be a reason as to why the game is so popular in the country. There are a number of different types of bingo to play in the country, with 75-ball and 90-ball being the most popular variants.

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