Play Non-Stop Bingo Games Online

Thanks to the advent of internet and smartphone revolution, the online bingo games are now as popular as other casino games. Online bingo, which works just like the ones you find in a brick and mortar bingo halls, players hooked to their screens all over the world. Bingo has surpassed slot machines to be the most played in top bingo sites. Online bingo is currently generating an annual yield of £128 million in the UK alone.

Surprised? Here is another surprising trend about bingo players. Statistics show that 80% of bingo players are women. New sites exclusively dedicated to online bingo are cropping up every day to keep up the growing demand amongst the UK and global online gamblers alike. The online tournaments and championships centred around bingo games have only added to its ever-growing popularity.

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Go Social with Online Bingo

The socialisation aspect is one of the reasons for its raging popularity. Sailor Bingo and almost all new bingo sites allow its players to engage in real-time chat in its platform itself. It boosts the friendly banters and competitions of the bingo players. It is said that 47% of online bingo players make new friendships with fellow players out of their shared love for this game.

Why players prefer online bingo sites instead of heading to bingo casinos

It is the same as the ones played at brick and mortar casinos; the players are real, there is real money waiting to be won, and also jackpots are offered. But the online version apparently has the edge over its predecessor. Wonder why?

Here are some of the advantages of playing bingo games online

Easy to download – Online bingo games are only a click away. You can download the game online from a bingo site in just a few minutes in a simple and hassle-free manner. Once downloaded to your system, you just plug in and play.

Safety – Bingo sites and all online casino games for that matter are subject to strict regulations. These rules and regulations ensure that players are not subject to unfair practices by the sites. If you're concerned about the safety of your money and do not want to lose too much, you should always opt for licensed and regulated sites.

Freebies and bonuses – The online market is crowded and in the fight to gain more players these sites try to one-up each other by offering generous bonus offers like cash prizes, jackpots and free spins. In the end, it's the player that stands to gain from such offers.

So much to choose – Online bingo sites offer a wide range of variety for its players. You can choose from many bingo games each carrying its enticing jackpots and offers.

Apart from these advantages, another major advantage is the convenience offered by our online bingo site; you can play anytime and anywhere!