Is Playing Bingo Online More Fun than Local Bingo Halls?

Bingo games have been the centre of attraction for the people who are interested in gaming for more than seventy years. Within this time, it has gone through a myriad of changes. Bingo games which were once played in large halls are now enjoyed by players right from their home. Though both land-based bingo and online have its own set of fans base the latter is gaining more popularity in the recent years. Probably one of the highly debated topics is whether online bingo games provide more fun when compared to playing at bingo halls.

Social interaction and setup

One of the main reasons for the players to go to bingo halls was to interact with other players and to have a great time. Since thousands of players gathered, in most cases, there was a lot of possibilities for meeting new players and eventually making them friends. A typical bingo hall consists of the caller’s stage, a major part of the area for players and a place for the cashier. The area dedicated to the players will always have a busy atmosphere since it is filled with thousands of players who are filled with enthusiasm and excitement. What players have in bingo halls are the human interaction and the electrifying environment and there are not usually present in online bingo games.


When it comes to cost, online bingo has an upper hand. Players can play online bingo games for hours with lesser money when compared to the land-based casinos where the prices of the tickets could be high. One of the reasons for the bingo halls to have higher ticket prices is for the maintenance of the huge bingo hall, staffing costs and so on. Sailor Bingo houses a wide range of bingo games that can run seamlessly various devices including mobile phones and tablet devices.


Most of the bingo halls run or few types of bingo games simultaneously but players can select and play from several bingo variants in online bingo sites. In addition to that, some of the bingo game types can be only found in online bingo sites.

Some of the players indulge in a bingo game only if has the tickets which fit their budget. Since a lot of bingo halls have tickets that belong to a range, the player might not play there. But, players can select the bingo games with ticket prices that fit the player’s requirements.

Prize money

Bingo halls award the winner based on the number of tickets sold, in other words, the prize money will be decided based on the tickets bought by the players.

However, online bingo games provide the comfort and flexibility to play from home or while on the move. Both the game types have their own advantages and disadvantages and, in the end, it’s the player’s decision to play the type of game he/she wants to experience. Join Sailor Bingo now and choose your favourite fulfilled online bingo games on the go!