A Quick Guide to Bingo Terminologies

Bingo games are extremely popular among the gambling fraternity, thanks to their simple rules and lucrative returns. With more and more Bingo themes coming into the playing arena, a player needs to have an idea of the different gaming elements.

Decent knowledge about the different terminologies will help you to understand the concept of a bingo in a better manner and accordingly devise the gaming strategies.

Popular Bingo Terminologies to know

  • 75 ball Bingo:
  • This is the American variant of the game of traditional Bingo. It is played with 75 squares and follows a specific pattern. Whoever completes the pattern in the first instance is declared as the winner.

  • 90 ball Bingo:
  • This is another variant of the game and consists of a single line prize, two-line prize lines or a full house prize line. If you cover one of these prize lines, you will be the winner.

  • Admission:
  • This signifies the number of tickets that are needed for a player to participate in the Bingo game.

  • Admission Pack:
  • It signifies a standard pack of Bingo cards.

  • Any Way:
  • This is a term used to describe a defined pattern of Bingo.

  • Bingo Board:
  • The playing board where each number is called out in the game of Bingo.

  • Bingo Card:
  • The playing cards that are used in the game. Bingo cards are required to participate in the players need to purchase these cards before playing. Usually, these cards have 15 or 24 numbers in them.

  • Caller:
  • The person who will call the Bingo numbers after they are drawn by the machine.

  • Callers Choice:
  • This is an innovative version of the Bingo game where the caller decides on the patter of the game.

  • Cash Ball:
  • This is a progressive jackpot where the paid Bingo is called by the caller.

  • Chat room:
  • A virtual room where players can chat with each other while playing the online version of Bingo.

  • Consolation prize:
  • The consolation prize has a smaller value than the original prize. These prizes are given for special games.

  • Coverall:
  • It is also referred to as blackout and denotes a situation where the player manages to form a pattern on a Bingo card.

  • Dauber:
  • It is also known as the Bingo marker and is basically used in land-based Bingo games.

  • Early Birds:
  • Early birds played before the regular game of Bingo. The cards of these games can be purchased separately.

  • Four Corners:
  • In 4 numbers are located in the corners of the Bingo card.

  • Hard Card:
  • This is a type of card that is printed on a heavy cardboard.

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