Is Scratch Card Still Relevant in Today's Casino world?

Scratch card is not such an old game. In fact, it’s just 4.5 decades old. It was first introduced in 1974 in the US and after about 21 years it reached the soil of the UK in 1995. In both these continents, this game of ticket was an utter hit. Seriously, who would not want to become a millionaire instantly? Of course, odds of winning were low considering the fact that so many people bought the cards, but still, people won and that was enough for others to keep chasing the streak.

Why such is a Huge Fan Following to this game?

You must consider that most of the people who invest in these cards and wait to win are not the ones with a lot of money. If you think of this game as a business (from the customer’s point of view), such people find it a low investment business with high returns. Also, there is no potential risk of heavy loss or something. The tickets can be bought at an affordable minimal price.

Online and Mobile Games Vs Scratch Card

If you think Scratch cards will soon find an exit, you might want to think again! Yes, online and mobile games have already crept into the lives of many. But, Scratch card has its own charm. It keeps its audience close to the physical world or real life rather than just the digitized world of online! And yes, there are still many who prefer the charm of the real world than the online one. There is real excitement for many to scratch their cards with coins to reveal that winning combination rather than just clicking it.

Also, how much of the adult population do you think have credit cards and are capable of using online sites to online scratch cards? pay for digitized Scratch card? Some studies have shown that almost 10% of the UK’s adult population does not have credit cards. So they go for the alternative method of playing this game which is easy, quick and within their understanding.

When it comes to the matter of money saving, middle-class population knows the best. They understand that the ticket can be bought easily with few bucks offline and the spending stops there. But with the online credit card payment, many go with their heart without thinking much and spend as much as they can till they win. But mind you – not all win! Now that’s a huge debt many end up owing to the credit card companies.

So considering everything mentioned above, we can safely say that the offline Scratch card is here to stay for more decades to come!

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