Six Casino Roulette Rules to Know Before Playing

Despite the popularity of video slots, scratch cards, Bingo and more, traditional table games such as Roulette continue to fascinate several players at our bingo site. As one of the simplest casino games, Roulette may not require much strategizing to win. The game rules are also quite straightforward. Betting on the Roulette table involves staking on multiple numbers and waiting for the dealer to spin the ball on a Roulette wheel that consists of either thirty-seven or thirty-eight numbers.

How to join the Roulette table casino games?

The game basics involve staking real money at the Roulette table. This converts into chips when playing at the brick and mortar casino. While playing online, the game automatically loads for you to start playing with real money. However, you must mention to the dealer, the number of chips that you wish to have against every denomination when converting your cash to chips.

Appropriate time of betting while playing any Roulette casino games variant

Whether you play American Roulette or European Roulette like a Pro, you must note the right time to place your stake. At a land-based casino, you will have to ensure that the indicators that denote wins have been detached from the previous number that called for a win. This is usually done by the croupier once all is set for beginning a fresh round. Players can keep betting till the croupier continues to twirl the wheels. You will be able to hear the dealer asking to halt your betting as the wheels complete around two to three revolutions. While playing live casino games online you may experience similar fervour on the wheels.

Place your chips carefully

In Roulette chips are mounted on a single stack on the number of your choice in the following manner:
• On single bets, you will have to directly keep on the chosen betting number
• On corner bets, you will be required to place it on the four edges that you choose to bet on. If other players have placed their chips over the same number as you desire to stake on, simply keep your coins above his stacked casino chips.

Know your betting limits when playing casino games

Every casino has its individual rules to cap the lowest and highest Roulette stake. These could differ based on the type of bet you want to place. It’s advisable to get familiarized with the limits laid out by the casino so that you can accordingly regulate your bet size for maximum profit.

Easy winning on table casino games

Roulette allows betting on either:

• even or odd numbers
• black or red
• pre-set number groups
• lines and columns

Each option offers a different payout depending on its level of difficulty of landing on them. Many experts believe that you can hit a chosen colour more frequently than land on a specific number.

Casino games at Sailor Bingo

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