Top 5 Slot Games Wins

Everyone dreams of hitting that big jackpot when they see slot games in a casino. Even the thought of winning that huge sum in a single spin makes you stand up from your seats. And it is the very sound of glory – the banging of the coins on the slot machines that make you reach out to that spin button and try our luck time and again. The unpredictability of gambling is the thrill that pulls gamblers all over the world!

Want to know the top 5 slot games wins to dream a little more and push yourself to the fantasy world?

When an aunt won $12.8 Million on her niece’s birthday!

Las Vegas is definitely a hub of casinos from the best of brands. The surprises it can treat you with is still unpredictable. It was when an aunt was visiting her niece on her birthday at the Aria resort that this splendid adventure happened. She had only $6 left and on the way home she spent the last $6 bet on the Megabucks slot machine. This brand is really popular for its jackpot wins and can make you a millionaire in minutes. As she spun the machine there were strange numbers on the screen. Indeed everyone was shocked to find that she had won the biggest jackpot in Nevada – a whooping $12,769,933.

A sleepless night and a £10 million win!

It’s not really the best idea to pass a sleepless night by switching to play online slot games late in the night. This student was a client of the Betsson sports section and ended up logging in late for the casino. He played the Mega Fortune slot by NetEnt (considered one of the best progressive jackpot slots). It was unbelievable for him to find a win of £10 million late in the night. That moment in the middle of the night truly left him speechless.

A 92-year veteran and his double win

Having won 4.6 billion dollars on Megabucks back in his youthful days, during his visit to Las Vegas when he was 92-year old, only kept him wanting to play more of slot machines. And when this veteran did try his luck at the Megabucks this time – it was a jackpot of £12 Millions that left the veteran ecstatic. Well, that means Megabucks did turn around lives!

Another £12 million at Caesar’s palace

Here was another player with £12 million won at the Caesar Palace! This anonymous player spun his first slot games at the famous Las Vegas casino and won this whopping amount. All of this happened in a lucky spin of 1999, where this business consultant travelling to Las Vegas, ended up changing his life.

A jackpot before the morning breakfast

Johanna Huend was on a holiday to Nevada when while going for a breakfast she happened to spend a few dollars on slot games. This was indeed a Megabucks slot game where she at the age of 74 instantly won some jackpot. Initially she misunderstood the win as $2 million. Well the actual amount was $22, 618,156 i.e. £16 million to be precise. The menu of her ongoing breakfast is left for you to imagine!

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