Top Myths of Slot Games which you should Know

Slot machines are electromechanical gambling machines found in casinos that have three or more reels. The reels spin with the push of a button. Earlier slot machines were known as one-armed bandits. Slot machines have been improved and now incorporate currency detectors that ensure that the money cashed is legitimate. Technological advancements have made it possible to integrate modern computer technology. This has made it possible to create different versions of slot games. Even with the vast array of possibilities in slot machines, gamblers, especially newbies, still, have myths about a slot game. In this article, we demystify the top myths of a playing slot game.

1. Slot Machines Positioning in Casinos

There is a common misconception that slot machines are strategically placed at casino entrances or heavy traffic areas. Those who push this myth often state that casino owners do this to attract more players. Both could not be farther from the truth. Research carried by regulatory authorities and other stakeholders concluded likewise. In truth, no concrete evidence supports this myth.

2. Winnings are Time Dependant

Another common myth is that the “tightness” of a casino slot game changes are dependent on the hour of the day and varies with the day of the week. This too couldn’t be more wrong. As much as casinos are businesses that need to break even and make profits. Tightening slot machines at different times of the day and week will impact their revenue.

3. Winnings are Dependant on the Method of Playing

Some people believe that for you to win in a slot game, you should pull the lever. They believe that pressing the spin won’t give you the same results. This is inaccurate. Many slots that are being manufactured currently don’t even have a lever as was the case with slot machines manufactured in the past. Even if you find slot machines that have the lever, it doesn’t automatically mean you’ll win. The truth is combinations are only determined by the workings of a random number generators. The method of playing doesn’t affect your winnings in any way.

4. Insider Knowledge

Some believe that in brick and mortar casinos games, the employees have insider knowledge on who wins and by what percentage. This is not only untrue but also absurd. IF it would be so, how would they prevent them from colluding with their friends and making a kill from it? As explained in myth three above, the only mechanism that determines winnings are the randomly generated numbers also known as RNGs. Anything besides that is false and unfounded.

5. Player Cards Affect Payouts

Player cards are only used to keep a record of how gamblers spend their money and not for ill intentions. Casino owners only keep track of players’ expenditure to award goodies such as show tickets and meals. This myth doesn’t make sense as it contradicts the very reasoning of casino transparency.

Other myths that are associated with a slot game include those such as warm coins increasing your winning chances, payoffs are predictable, and winnings are reported to Internal Revenue Services.

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