Try Out Some of These Proven Bingo Strategies

Bingo has been around for the longest time now. With the evolution of technology, players can access their favourite game online. It means that players can access the game at any time anywhere and on any device.

With such accessibility and convenience, online bingo has gained popularity among numerous players. What followed is stiff competition among these players and among casino and bingo operators trying to woo players to their casinos with lucrative deals and offers.

With that, players now make a kill out of the situation. However, with various progressive jackpots up for grabs, it is only right that you employ the best strategies available. Some of which you’ll get to know right here.

The Granville’s Strategy

Joseph E. Granville is among the prominent names you’ll come across in bingo circles. This math analyst came up with various successful strategies in the stock market. After that, he focused on this game by developing strategies using mathematical equations that brought him success in his previous venture.

According to his strategies, Granville argues that there’s more to the game than just luck. As much as the numbers generated in a game of bingo are random, Granville came up with a strategy to study the randomness of the numbers.

He showed that patterns still exist amidst the randomness. For example, in a game of 75 balls, the probability of any number drawn first is 1 in 75. After the first ball is drawn, the odds change accordingly with each proceeding draw.

This study led to the formation of 3 patterns:

  • There is always some form equality in the number of events and odds in the numbers drawn.
  • Numbers ending in 1s, 2s, 3s and so on will always be equal.
  • There is always some form of equality in the high and low numbers picked.
  • With these patterns in mind, it is important that you select your card carefully. This is because the probability of numbers ending in 1, 2, 3 etc. tend to change.

    So, you need to buy a card that has a wider range of different last digits to improve your chances of winning. For example, if the first ball is drawn is N-33, then the probability that the next ball drawn ending with 1 are very low. This is because the balls ending with 1 are now fewer.

    Progressive Jackpots

    There are casinos that offer progressive jackpots with millions up for grabs. A progressive jackpot means that the more the players, the higher the jackpot rises. This means that you have to take advantage of peak hours to buy in. By doing so, you increase your chances of winning big.

    How to Select Cards

    Card selection is important as seen above. Instead of relying on luck, it is better to choose your own cards in this game. In addition, buying more cards also increases your chances of winning because you have a wide range of winners.

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