Best Way to Find Loose Slot Machines to Hit a Jackpot

Best Way to Find Loose Slot Machines to Hit a Jackpot

There is a reason why slots have always been a mass favourite. Basically, it is one of the few games anybody can play. Unlike Poker or even a game of chance like Roulette, you don’t need to know anything to play a game of slots. All you have to do is just know where to put the coin in and how to pull the lever. And if you are playing online, you don’t have to know that too. Slot games online are a lot easier, much more convenient and quite exciting too these days.

Loose slot machines

One of the best feelings of playing slots is winning the jackpot. It is spectacular if you are playing the conventional slot machine because the sight of the coin-rain is oh-so-beautiful. Given that this game is so random, we don’t have much control over who wins and when it is going to rain money. But there are ways to increase your chances of hitting the jackpot if you are able to recognise a loose slot machine. So, is finding a loose slot machine easy? Well, the answer is no, and you only have your power of observation and common sense to actually hit gold. Additionally, we have a few pointers on the best ways to find that loose slot machine and thus win that coveted jackpot.

The power of observation

Basically, all machines especially slots run on the concept of cycles. To put it in the most layman terms, no machine can remain popular if all players tend to do is, lose. If a machine doesn’t declare a winner at least once in a while it will become unpopular, and people will stop playing. So, the most important thing to understand with slot machines is that they have a fairly consistent cycle of losses and a win. So, when playing the machine rather than just getting immersed in the losing you should observe so that you can understand its cycle of losses and then the ultimate win. If you do that you will know how much time to wait and the exact moment when the machine is loose!

Popularity is the key

Whether you are playing slots at a casino or whether you are playing it online, there is an advantage of following the popularity of the machines. Greater popularity indicates that more players have won over the machine. In the same way, lesser popularity indicates rarer wins and hence more losses. So, obviously it is best to avoid the less popular machines as playing on them will mean money for the house as winning is a rare event. Hence, having a pulse on the news, especially that of the wins can help you to recognise a loose slot machine better. When it comes to online slots being ahead of the news of wins is relatively easy. There are gaming forums available where players discuss all the available slot machines and the gaming community is very good at providing and exchanging information, especially that which pertains to wins.

Avoid machines where people have just won

Going on the concept of cycles for slot machines is one of the most obvious things to understand, especially with what slots to avoid, is to avoid those machines on which people have just won. A slot machine win can suddenly increase the popularity of the machine, and you will see more people playing on it. And this is to the advantage of the more intelligent player as all the newfound popularity will result in the slot machine becoming loose sooner. So, a word of advice when you find a slot machine where someone has won recently is to wait a while before playing on it.

Don’t play for too long

So, after following all the tips for finding a loose slot machine, you feel you finally found one. And you might think that you have finally figured out the cycle and start playing. Even if after playing a few rounds, if you aren’t able to get the win, the best thing to do at that stage is to quit. A good idea is to stop playing for a while and come back.