What is Free Bingo?

Most of the bingo sites nowadays offer free bingo games. An overview guide of the free bingo has been provided in the following sections. People may feel that the websites are already offering the games for free and thinking about getting bonuses may be too far fetched. But nowadays some bingo websites are offering no deposit bingo bonuses which range from £1 to £20. This is given away for free purely as a promotional act by the website. These sites provide the players (who have played free bingos) with huge bonuses when they deposit real money for playing the real game.

The welcome bonuses may come in 1000% on the deposits or the extra percentage may be added on the three consecutive first deposits. It should be kept in mind that the websites which offer no deposit bonuses usually have strict withdrawal processes so the terms and condition should be read carefully before indulging in the game.

Advantages of Free Bingo

Free bingo allows the player to check out different websites and games. This is particularly beneficial for beginners who want to test the games before putting money on it. Even professional players love to play free bingo. Who doesn't? These games will provide you with newbies in a risk-free manner. Free bingo allows the players to learn the rules of the games and practice. It is always a challenge to decide which bingo site to join.

Many websites offer no deposit bingo (or free bingo) to the players so that they can familiarize themselves with the game. In free bingo, players can practice as much as they want and make mistakes. They do not have to worry about losing money as the game is basically risk-free. There are players who play free bingo as well as real bingo with actual money involved. This is because it offers the same set of features that you get in the real game. It also allows you to meet with other people like you who enjoy a casual game minus the risks and it is beneficial for people who are on a tight budget.

Why websites offer it for free?

Free bingo websites usually make a lot of money, so from time to time, they decide to spend some extra money on their players purely for promotional purposes. Some of them usually take in revenue from advertising. The advertisers agree on paying a certain amount of money by looking at the traffic and the visitors that the websites get. Some websites even ask for money after a certain number of free cards. Some of them offer free bingos on a trial basis of 7 days after which real money needs to be deposited to continue playing.

Can you win real money?

Moreover, you can win actual prizes by playing free bingo even though you have not deposited any money. Do not get your hopes high about winning a progressive jackpot because progressive jackpots are based on real money. Still, you can win free bingo sweepstakes. By playing free bingo, you can win fancy gifts, consolation prizes, branded merchandise and gift vouchers. Daily and monthly sweepstakes are available as well which makes the game interesting. The freebies cannot be withdrawn but they can be used to win real money.

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