What Makes a Great UK Slot Game?

Slots enjoy a prime role in a casino whether it's online or land casino. From being 3-reel fruit machines in an arcade to elaborate 7-reel machines, a typical slot game has travelled a long way. But what makes a slot game better than the other, apart from payouts and jackpots? If you are looking for good slots to play, then you might want to look for UK slots online with the following features.

Theme Visualization in a slot game

When slots were first launched it was all about win or lose. With the introduction of video slots, themed slot game became famous. Some of the top slots feature an interesting theme and a well-executed storyline. Themed slots come in every genre. It could be a TV show that you loved or your favourite sport or your favourite book. While payouts and bonuses are still the main attraction, players are starting to prefer slots with intricate graphics and unique storylines.

Number of Paylines and Payouts

The slots have come a long way from having just 9 paylines to a maximum of 25 paylines. Few slots also offer 1024 paylines. Though the number of paylines is enticing, the players need to find a slot game with low variance. No matter the graphics or the paylines, without a decent payout table, the UK slot game is nothing. A great slot game has good returns even on lower payouts. Even though slots have grown a lot in visualization, the most important breakthrough has happened in terms of features. Players prefer slots with special themes, features and bonus rounds. A slot game with unique features is more likely to attract players.

Bonus Features

Another factor that is sure to attract players is the bonus features and the bonus rounds. Bonus features are where the players hope for big wins. While free spins are becoming common in all the video slots, developers are introducing unique features and mini-games as a part of the bonus. Few common bonus features include:

Re-spins – Re-spins can be profitable for the players more than the free spins. You can also have sticky wilds or stacked wilds for the duration of the re-spins.
Random Bonus - These come on randomly even without matching up with any symbols.
Pick and Win - You are given few options of which you choose one or more.
Lucky Wheel - The prizes offered are written in various positions in a wheel and it is spun. When the wheel stops, the prize in the selected position is added to the win. It might be free spins, re-spins or multipliers.
Gamble - As it says this is quite a risk to take. You might end up losing a lot more than you expected.

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