Which Type of Mobile Bingo Player Are You?

Are you a mobile Bingo player?

If you are, chances are that you fall into a certain group of players. Yes, you got it right! There is an absolute classification of different types of Bingo players. The aim is to know the customers deeper and devise appropriate strategies to lure Bingo players.

While the results or findings might not be entirely true, it doesn’t bite to find out which category you fall in. so, without any further delay, take a look at some of the player types:

The Logical Player

These are the thinkers. The ones that utilize more logic when it comes to decision making. These decisions might be inspired by multiple calculations in your head. These are the players that are also good at chess due to excellent analytical skills.

These group of players represent about 60% of the mobile bingo playing community. As much as logic is a good way of tackling situations, it is also advisable that you follow your gut feeling.

The Intuitive Player

If you are the type that plays based on your gut feeling, then you belong to this category. These are the players that don’t employ any logic to their number selection process. Rather they pick the numbers based on what they feel.

It’s the inner voice that cheers you on instead of the results of your logical calculations that drive these players. Most of the times, they are right. So, why not trust that inner voice anyway?

The Multitasker

Would you believe that? That most mobile Bingo players are the multitasking type. Well, it’s quite understandable since the game is played on mobile phones. The latter is like a mini PC or a personal assistant of some sought. You have to respond to messages and calls.

The multitasking players are those that seize any opportunity to load their favourite mobile Bingo game. whether in the loo or watching tv. Well, try not to lose it while at it!

The Night Player

If you are the type that likes their mobile Bingo game at wee hours of the night, then you are a certified nocturnal mobile Bingo player. This category of players prefers playing Bingo games between 19.:00 and 02:00. They also constitute the majority of the players compared to those that like it during the other times.

The Desktop Player

These are the retro players. Those that love their desktops and wouldn’t mind a game of Bingo on the same. Their sessions are quite relaxed. Usually, they play the game after a long day’s work. This type of players considers the game more recreational than means of making money.

The Mobile Player

These are the players that are constantly on the move. Their mobile is their miniature PC and a game of Bingo is always welcome regardless of their constant movements.

However, since you’re always on the move, you’ll have to contend with internet connectivity issues. So, you might just want to hold your horses until you can get a reliable 4G network.

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