Why Jacks or Better Is A World Favourite

If you ask a video poker fanatic, there are several video poker options available out there. Almost all the video poker enthusiasts consider Jacks or Better as the best video poker game. If you are new to the online poker world, Jacks or Better casino game is where you should start from. The payouts are very generous and you also get a great house edge. The most amazing part is that the player gets to place the first bet in this game.

There are so many reasons you should try a hand at Jack or Better if you are new to casino games and if you are an old player, it is probably already your most favourite video poker game.

1. Simple to grasp and easy to play

If you feel like the Jack of all trades, you do not worry as you can easily learn to play. This is a simple game with no confusing multipliers, jackpots or multi-hand game modes. It is an excellent place to learn for beginners as all that is required is to place a bet, deal and choose the cards you want to keep and the ones you want to put away and decide the final set.

2. A pool of Jacks or better to choose from

The game is basic with no complications and this may lead you to think that the game eventually becomes boring. However, there are a variety of versions of the game at different casino tables. You can play the multi-hand version or the one with multipliers and bonuses once you feel comfortable with the basic version.

3. They’ll pay you back and they’ll pay you better

Jacks or Better is known as one of the best-paying casino games of all times. It has a payout percentage of 99.54. You can reach that number if you choose the right version and the right strategy. A smooth trick is to find a game that pays you 6 coins for a flush and 9 coins for a full house.

4. Out of the box jackpots to crack

A cool thing about the game is that you get to land a jackpot that is bigger than the said fixed top jackpot. As said earlier, choosing the right game is the key. If you select the best version of the game, you can reel in cash prizes that go way beyond a simple 4000-coin payback. The popularity of the casino and the version of the game are crucial factors. How long ago the last jackpot was won also decides how big the jackpot is going to be.

Jacks or Better is Highly Preferred Casino Game

Jacks or Better with its exciting variations is very popular on many casinos and bingo sites. People who play online quite frequently play this game at our top online bingo sites.