Wishes Come True with The Wish Master Online Slots

Remember Aladdin and the Forty Thieves and the wonderful, fantastical genie that catered to his every wish? If such a being really existed, which of your dreams would you like to come to fruition? You might soon have to stop wondering, courtesy of the Wish Master. You see, it makes dreams come true -after a fashion that is- there exists an online slot with gloomy, cartoonish graphics and a rather lovable cast of characters in this online slots game. If the theme has your interest piqued, you can read on and see what else is on offer.

The Wishing Well, The Bleating Bell, The Wish Master

This online slot is equipped with a grand total of five reels, three rows, and twenty paylines. The setting happens to be in a cave somewhere in a desert night and the graphics are the sort that might make little kids run screaming with terror. This is particularly true of the genie, who is the Wish master by the way. This creature has a chest so bulky that even best of the body-builders might get envious, glowing eyes and hands and a smoky, indefinite form. It also joyously issues forth from a magical lamp whenever a scatter icon is landed on the reels. The scatter on its part is a scroll bearing a lamp image.

The graphics used here are the interesting type, with the reels being filled with the usual playing card icons, as well as a few unidentifiable images that strongly resemble gargoyles. Overall, everything to be seen looks nice and are well drawn, but with the colours employed, the whole effect is of a gloomy place where even the bravest man might feel his heart pounding as strongly as a thumping rap beat! The audio effects are simple but convincing, and the laugh of the Wish Master is enough to make your hair stand upright! Once the Wish Master has appeared anything is possible. This might be the addition of extra wild icons, 2x or 3x multipliers, random or expanding wilds and a totally wild reel. The above-mentioned features last for 10 free spins. And this, of course, means that there’s more than enough time for players to garner hefty wins. To track the progress of these special features, a feature inventory is provided at the upper left corner of the reels.

Make Your Wishes Real!

In this online slot, a total of three special features are simultaneously activated on the reels. If another scatter icon appears when a special feature or more are in play, the spin counter gets boosted by five spins. And should a 4th special feature starts, it takes the place of the first and an extra five free spins are awarded. As well, whenever the 2x and 3x multipliers are both active at the same time, all wins get rewarded with a 6x multiplier effect. This slot offers simple, exciting fun, with a payout of up to 900,000 coins being possible. The audio and graphics are quite good, the bonuses couldn’t be better and the whole thing meshes together so well that time with this slot flies faster than most magic carpets!

Wish for Glory

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