30 Ball City Hall

One online bingo game that offers pretty rapid gameplay is 30 Ball: City Hall by Cozy Games. As the name suggests there are only 30 numbers called out like in a normal bingo game. The ticket also consists of just 9 numbers. You can learn more about the game by reading the review below.

30 Ball: City Hall Bingo Is Fast And Addictive

The 30 Ball: City Hall bingo is a fast and highly addictive version. This game is popularly referred to as ‘Speed Bingo’. This is because there are just 30 numbers called out and 9 required to be matched. You have a 3×3 grid on each purchased ticket. There are three columns and each is randomly numbered as follows; Column one: 1 to 10. Column two: 11 to 20. Column three: 21 to 30. This gives you 9 numbers to match the numbers that will be called out. To start playing, you will need to purchase the tickets online. This game has an auto-daub feature that allows you to play without missing out on called out numbers. Randomly generated numbers will be shown on your playing screen. Your tickets will then be auto-daubed as the numbers are displayed. If your ticket has every number that is called out, you win the bingo.

An Interactive Bingo Game Version

30 Ball: City Hall has chat rooms where players can interact with other players from across the globe. This adds to the fun factor of this online bingo games version. Players can exchange pointers and tips in these chat rooms whilst they play. Even though this bingo version is really quick and players can play several games within a short period of time. The presence of chat rooms can add a bit more excitement to the overall gameplay.

30 Ball: City Hall Has Progressive Jackpots

Your chances of winning a Progressive Jackpot increases with the number of games you play within a time frame. The progressive jackpot in 30 Ball: City Hall is won when you have 9 matching numbers within the 30 numbers called out. The cash payout for progressive jackpots are massive, so the probability of winning is slim. However, your chances of landing a progressive jackpot improve when you play more games within a certain time period.

To Sum Up

For bingo players looking to hit it big by winning the progressive jackpot, you can play this 30 ball version regularly. The game is available for mobile players and it is compatible with most OS such as iOS, Android and BlackBerry.