50 Ball The Bonus Bridge

Online bingo is catching on really fast. There are quite a few versions available already such as the 75 and 90 Ball versions. Cozy Games has recently released a 50 Ball: The Bonus Bridge version. Read the review below for more information.

How 50 Ball: The Bonus Bridge Version is played?

In 50 Ball: The Bonus Bridge bingo, you play with 50 numbered Balls. The number of tickets purchased by players per game is limited. A purchased ticket consists of two rows of 5 numbers each. This gives a combined total of 10 numbers on the ticket. Players will be victorious when they achieve any of the following aims and objectives. Achieve a Single Line when you match up a row of 5 numbers called out. Players can achieve a Full House when all the 10 numbers on their ticket are called out. For each game played, you always have two winners. One for the Single Line and another for the Full House. The cash reward is divided equally amongst the winners. You may also be extremely lucky to win both the Single Line and Full House in a single game.

Simple Game Rules

With the 50 Ball: The Bonus Bridge you can choose an auto-daub feature after purchasing a ticket. This feature ensures that you do not miss out on a called number. Numbers are called out and if the ticket you have purchased has a row of 5 matching numbers, you win a Single Line. You gain a Full House with two rows of 5 matching numbers. However, you can win a regular payout or a progressive jackpot.

The Progressive Jackpot Of 50 Ball: The Bonus Bridge

There is also a chance to play a Progressive Jackpot in 50 Ball: The Bonus Bridge. This occurs when players are able to achieve the game objectives after a predetermined amount of numbers are called. The predetermined amount of numbers usually consists of “19” numbers. Where players have matching numbers for a Full House after 19 numbers are called, they will earn a progressive payout. Players that fail to match 10 of the 19 numbers called will proceed with the standard game cash payout.

To Sum Up

This online bingo version has few numbers in use and players can win quickly. With the progressive jackpot, players can earn a minimum of £1,000 as well. So, play this game to have a smooth and fun-filled experience.