80 Ball Down Town

Bingo is one of the easiest and the most played games of all times. 80 ball bingo is one of the most preferred bingo game types. 80 Ball: Down Town is a type of 80 ball bingo that can be played in Down Town bingo hall. This bingo game earns its name due to its design and gameplay. It consists of 80 balls and is played just like any other 80 ball bingo game.

80 Ball: Down Town Bingo Features

The game features crisp and clear graphics along with some great sound effects. Bingo games are really easy to learn and play. So, wait no more and start playing this 80 ball bingo variant from Cozy games. As the name suggests, 80 Ball: Down Town bingo is set against a city like backgrounds. The players can see different coloured multi-storied buildings in the background and the bingo game commences in the foreground.

An Unlimited Number Of Playing Tickets Available

The players can play with as many tickets as they want. Each ticket is priced at 10p. The bingo screen is just like any other classic bingo games. The numbers pulled out are shown on the sides and can be anywhere from 1 to 80. The tickets are shown at the middle of the screen with all the numbers. The basic bingo combinations are applied like diagonal, horizontal, vertical, the four corners and a full house. The full house has the maximum winning. Full house basically means that all the numbers on the ticket have been crossed out.

Exciting Gameplay Of 80 Ball: Down Town Bingo

The gameplay of this 80 Ball: Down Town bingo is easy. The player needs to buy the tickets before the game starts on the bingo site. The player can play with as many tickets as they want and the tickets will be shown in the middle of the screen. The numbers will be called out and the player can either cross them by themselves or let the software do the work for them. Each time a number between 1 to 80 is drawn and it matches the number on the ticket, it will get marked. The player needs to cancel out the numbers in various patterns. On the right-hand side, there is also a chat box where the players can interact with other players in the same bingo room.

To Sum Up

The 80 Ball: Down Town online bingo game has some really great graphics. The 10p per ticket cost is pretty much affordable. The best feature of this bingo room is that the players can actively interact with other players and socialize. The prizes won are also great. All in all this 80 ball variant of bingo is a must try.