80 Ball The Bonus Castle

Innovations are not new to Bingo, and Bingo players love new and thrilling games. 80 Ball: The Bonus Castle is one of the newer variations for the bingo players having Bonus to enter into this bingo hall. This version has a faster pace than the previous 90 and 75 ball versions. So, it will surely bring some excitement and entertainment to your screens.

The Special Castle Bonus Of 80 Ball: The Bonus Castle

If you think the 90 ball version is slow and 75 ball version is too boring then this 80 Ball: The Bonus Castle is definitely for you. You will see this game as a preferred option for bingo players having Bonus to enter the bingo hall. The gameplay is almost similar to the older version, but it comes up with a little twist of castle hall. To play 80 ball bingo you need to deposit a minimum of £5. You can get a bonus of £25 if you spend £5 on your first deposit, and this is the maximum bonus available. To qualify for the bonus you need to make your first deposit within seven days of registration. You can spend your earned bonus in any room that is not marked as ‘Cash Only’. You can go for 80 ball bingo games online only if you have bonus money in your account. You can also choose from 11 bingo rooms/suites.

The Card Layout Of 80 Ball Bingo Version

The cards in this 80 Ball variant have a 4×4 framework and 16 numbers in a game. Every column on the card has a distinct colour and the numbers are divided into a group of 20 for each of these colours. These are as follows:-
  1. Red colour has numbers 1 to 20.
  2. Yellow colour has numbers 21 to 40.
  3. Blue colour has numbers 41 to 60.
  4. Silver colour has numbers 61 to 80.

Prizes And Payouts Make 80 Ball: The Bonus Castle Worth Playing

You have multiple ways to win in 80 Ball: The Bonus Castle. The more cards you buy, the more your chances of winning a prize. There are 4 distinct games available that will offer different prizes and payouts. These include the following;
  1. Single Line – On completion of one line whether it is vertical, horizontal or diagonal you get a prize. You can also land a win with 4 central squares or all 4 corners on the card.
  2. Any Line, House – You can win 2 prizes in this round. First, you win a prize on the completion of a single line. And then you get a prize for a full house for all the marked 16 numbers.
  3. Any Line, House, column – This round has 4 prizes on offer. It includes 3 prizes for single, two and three lines respectively and a final prize for the full house.
  4. Full House or Pattern – This round offers a single prize and it is either for a full house or a pattern.

To sum up

80 Ball: The Bonus Castle version is for those who want to play fast-paced bingo with a twist. You will get a taste of both 90 and 75 balls in this version. Winning the bingo is quite easy and castle bonus is an add-on feature with this version.