Cold Cash

Cold Cash by Cozy Games is an online scratchcard game that is all about making hard cash! You will earn a win when you are able to scratch a minimum of three symbols that match up. Several casino sites offer sign up bonuses to entice players. This online scratchcard game is a low-risk game that gives a relaxing and enjoyable time for players to laze around and play.

Hard Cold Cash To Be Won

The online scratchcard game stays true to its name and offers players the opportunity of earning themselves consecutive wins and cool payouts. The simple gameplay entails that players receive an instant cash payout for each game and win. The game can be played with a sum as low as £0.10 and as high as £2.00 for each game. This is your staked sum and players can hope to win a multiplier that is worth 100 times their staked amount. There is no messing about with this game, all you have to do is to scratch, match up symbols and win instantly to walk away with cool cash rewards.

Instant Win Per Game

If you are a low roller and you are looking for a low-risk online casino gambling game to play. You can try out Cold Cash online scratchcard game by Cozy Games. As mentioned before, you will be rewarded with instant cash prizes when you play and win. There is no hidden fee or gimmicks involved. By placing a bet of £2.00 per game and matching three symbols after scratching, you can earn £200 in the process. Easy money is up for grabs in this one.

No Deposits Needed To Play Cold Cash

You might be wondering how you can win instant cash rewards in an online scratchcard game and saying to yourself that there must be a catch! Well, the good news is, there is no catch!! There is also no mandatory deposits involved. Cozy Games has ensured that casino sites don't request for any deposits before you start playing Cold Cash. You can even play the game for FREE, while you make up your mind on whether it's the right game for you. All you need to do is to sign up today and you are on your way to making money.

To Sum Up

This low variance online scratchcard game offers players an opportunity to win small amounts of money but on a consistent basis. There is also a mobile version available for players that are constantly on the move. Try this game today and you will be glad you did.