Scratch N Win

Cozy Games are the developers of Scratch ‘N’ Win. This is an online casino gambling game based on scratch cards. It has numerous multipliers of your stake and offers as a reward for wins. You can learn more about this game from the review stated below.

Getting Started On Scratch ‘N’ Win Scratch Card Game

Scratch ‘N’ Win is a scratch card game available online. The price is set at a range of between 25p and £2.00. With just a token amount of 25p, you can start playing today. After purchasing the card, you can play on your PC or on a mobile device. This online scratch cards game works well on iOS, Android and BlackBerry tablets and smartphones. The interface is user-friendly, but there are is no autoplay and no Wilds involved.

Understanding the User Interface

The buttons present on the control panel are simple and important to the scratch card game. In Scratch ‘N’ Win, you have a button that takes you back to the general lobby. There is also a button that takes you over to the cashier. The controls are all very vital to gameplay. To select your betting amount, there is a Plus (+) and Minus (-) button. With these two buttons, you can increase or reduce your betting sum respectively. Click on the “Buy Card” icon after selecting your betting amount. When you click on this icon you immediately purchase a card with the selected betting amount.

How To Play Scratch ‘N’ Win?

To start playing Scratch ‘N’ Win after purchasing a scratch card. All you need to do is to click the “Scratch All” button for the game to automatically unveil the available spots. You can also manually move your mouse across all the squares that have not yet been unveiled. You win when you match a minimum of three spots. This game provides you with seven likely winning outcomes. There is also a single batch of losing outcomes. You win if you can unveil three of any of the 1x, 2x, 5x, 10x, 20x, 50x and 100x multiplier amounts on the 2×3 grid. Your bet will be multiplied by the winning multiplier. The largest jackpot prize is £200 on a £2.00 bet.

To Sum Up

This scratch card game is quick and you can play several rounds in a short time. The risk is minimal and the payout is not spectacular, but adequate. It's certainly worth a trial today.